Monday, December 30, 2013

[Travelogue] Korea Day 1 : First time having a haircut in Korea!

 Annyeong 안녕!

I'm currently in Korea!!


Omg, korea is full of super yummy food, super cute and affordable clothes!!

 on the way from incheon airport to seoul...

the tree looks like ginseng hahaha

Surprisingly Korea is not as cold as i feared it would be...

so despite it being late, we braved the night and went shopping at Enwa Women University!

they've got many food stalls on the street!

and they all look sooo nice!

 they even got GONGCHA!
i didn't know that haha

we went for dinner!

 somehow the kimchi in korea tastes saltier!
but still yummy!

 this is super super nice!
OMG.. and it's really cheap like $29 plus rice!

 pink dumplings!
super super satisfying meal, it's so delicious i start to worry about gaining tooo much weight haha

after that, we decided to go for a haircut in korea!
This salon looks posh so we decided to head inside to have our first korean haircut!

My hairstylist and new haircut!

I asked for korean hairstyle but requested for an above brows fringe.
not sure if that's korean-ish haha

she curled my hair too. it's really simple as compared to my usual japanese styles haha

Keith's haircut

He's smiling happily even though the skin cut is causing his ears to freeze hahaha

then we went to try this street food!

 there's fried chicken, mini harsh browns and rice cakes all mixed in sweet and spicy korean sauce

really very yummy!

i'll go fat for this hahah

and after that we went to have desserts!

A cafe for churros!

I love churros!

 freshly made churros

 with kawaii cafe decorations

star shaped light 
Pink coloured walls

Super cute cafe!
And korea has got a lot of kawaii cafes! 

hehehe selfie a little while waiting for the churros to be ready

 like my new hair? =D

 here! my lemon and cheese churro!

 with lemon yogurt smoothie!


today was so fun even though we only had a few hours to walk around korea before the shops close.

can't wait to start my day tomorrow!


here are my loots for today!

 Turtle neck white top - 5000won (~$6)
Red dress - 10000won (~$12)
black dress - 10000won (~$12)

 blue top - 10000won (~$12)
socks - 1000won each (~$1)

super cute and cheap!!

I think i will buy a lot of socks in my ten days trip hehehe

Jal ja 잘 자!!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

[Warning: too many photos] Harajuku Kawaii Fashion Show

Hello everyone!!

Today i'm going to share with you all one super super happy post!

about my recent fashion runway in japan.

soooo happy met so many friends and made new friends too!!


editing the photos make me feel super happy too hahaha

but first chronological order...

(sorry i kinda skipped the first day and second day in japan)

so this is THIRD day..
which is the runway day!

it started with a super early morning rehearsal..

and ended quite fast as everyone (except me) are professional.

so we had 3 hours of free time!!

decided to go sight seeing with the models


 at kiyomizu dera

a famous temple in Kyoto

 with everyone!

kamikaze yura

 the autumn leaves are sooo pretty!



Sorry i look super dressed down, cause i don't want to mess up my hair before the hairstylist do their magic..

 everywhere is soooo pretty!!

 we stopped by at a pavilion snack shop to have some traditional japanese desserts!

everywhere there's autumn leaves

so pretty

 Curumi was telling us this dark story that many people committed suicide on this bridge.

that's why they built a platform to prevent people from jumping down.

why commit suicide at such a beautiful place? =(


after touring the temple, we headed back for the show.

got my hair done and dressed up in AYMMY's clothes

it's so kawaii!
ayumi is a genius!

got to save up and buy!

and.... i didn't take photo of the show...

but after we changed out, i went to take photo with everyone like a little fan

 with kyary and eva

*unleashing my ultimate fangirl craziness hahaha*

 with eva

she has become my buddy buddy cause we spoke in mandarin..
well, mandarin is easier than japanese to me so we kinda stay with each other most of the times..

 which is...


cause i love kawaii girls

 with the omg-so-cute-i-dont-know-what-to-do yura
she's always soooo hyper!

with UNA
in this trip, i heard her sing LIVE the first time..

and omg.... it's soooo nice!!
You can listen to the preview of her new songs here :


congrats on her new brand AYMMY!
i foresee myself buying a lot of her new clothes!!
saw the new collection in the office and it's sooo nice!!

I want them all!

kawaii ayumi~!

the super cool CURUMI!!
You know i actually thought she was aloof and hard to approach due to her cool appearance but on the contrary... SHE DAMN FRIENDLY!!

like TOUR GUIDE kinda friendly.

she's a like big sister taking care of us, ensuring that none of us strayed away

even though i'm older than her O.O
omg, kelly faster grow up!!
 and she's really pretty too..

next time, i wanna look pretty instead.

and the girl who will draw out my inner most pedophile behaviour

kawaii kawaii fuwa fuwa Anna-chan~!


 heheheh sakisato (saccho)

this trip is extra memorable because of her.
hahaha and we gave people the name "saccho" when they did the epic thing saccho did through the trip

sooooooooo cuteeee!

 so pretty so cute

totally fulfiling my pretty girls craving hahaha

and some of the local (kyoto) models!

also super super kawaii yo~~~

super love this pair of twins
kawaii~ too kawaii~


kawaii kawaii

i love them all~

thank you thank you thank you for such happy times!
I love all of you~!

it's really cool to have so many pretty girls each with different styles and different personalities hanging out together!




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