Friday, January 25, 2013

Datsumo Labo

Hello everyone!!


Today i'm going to blog about DATSUMO LABO!!

I think it's relatively a new brand in singapore but it's really very popular in JAPAN!!
a lot of models/celebrities are attending to it...

not only because of its cheap packages, they also come because the services are really good!!

personally, i've tried their permanent hair removal..
and unlike many salon, theirs is totally....

i know right! why should girls suffer when they want to look prettier!!

we should be rewarded and being pampered!!

and DATSUMO LABO is here to give you all!
cause ....
do you know that....

their permanent hair removal gel also moisturises and whitens your skin at the same time?
it's like OMG OMG OMG!!

the first time i went there, i was made to watch this super long video...
but it's all worthed it!

cause i learnt many things to protect my skin from further damage !

do you know that normal home hair removing techniques actually damage your skin?



can lead to nasty ingrown hair and irritated skin!


can lead to nasty ingrown hair, rough skin and folliculitis!


Using hair removal cream is not any better...

it damages both hair and skin protein!
and your skin aged faster! O.O

soo.. permanent hair removal is the best choice if you want to remove hair!

but.... i'm sure many of you will be worrying about the HIGH prices involved..

but not to worry!!
datsumo labo made it very affordable!


that's the monthly price for 7 areas

yes!! 7 areas!! i know right!!

i used to visit this salon (i'm pretty sure it's not very good to name it here...)
and i have armpit permanent hair removal plan with them...
it's $400 plus a package, calculated by number of shots!
and the thing is.. it last less than 1 year and i still have hairs on my armpit!!
so it's really a waste of money!!
not to mention, i had ingrown hair and inflammation once when another beautician helped to serve me once instead of my regular one.. >.<
super disappointed..

oh okies.. story aside..
let's do the  math.

99 for 7 areas.. which means it's $14.15 per area!
and... let's say you need 1 year to completely remove your hair, that will be just $169.70!

not to mention, it's absolutely painless!
and no risk of ingrown hair, inflammation etc!
as their beauticians are all professionally trained!!  

regretted going to my previous salon.
i'm really glad that datsumo labo is here in singapore now!

 in case you're wondering, this is no scam..
the reason why they managed to keep the price so low it's because..

they have very little advertisement (mostly word by mouth) and also their furniture are really cheap!
but i assure you their equipment is really expensive and good

let me bring you thru what a normal treatment would be like...

what i love and hate at the same time is that... they will put a really cold towel on your skin after hair removal..
this is to ensure that your pores are tighten up! =D 

and tada~!

you will have smooth and fair skin after that~! 

 i love it!!
i'm sure you will too!!

quote KELLYKONOMI to enjoy a 10% discount!

here's their address:
#01-13 International Building,
360 Orchard Road Singapore 238869.

and remember to call them to find out more about the treatment!


and here's their facebook page!



Thursday, January 17, 2013

[Giveaway] Eyemazing X Zipper Amo X Pastel Type B lashes

Hello everyone!
*ding ding ding ding*

it's GIVEAWAY time!!

I'm giving away one pair of EyemazingXzipper Amo X Pastel Type B lashes!

It's an international giveaway!

To join:

1) Like my page
2) Share this facebook  post
3) Comment below the post so i could track! 

Giveaway ends 22/1/2013 12.59am!

 Good Luck!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What my bf said when he saw my naked face?

Hello everyone!

Yesterday I received this comment from one of my readers....

what does your bf say when he first see your naked face?

And I thought....

It would be quite an interesting question to answer to!

well, he/she is not the only person who asked me that question!
Many of my friends/acquaintances asked the same question too! 

and i've always enjoyed answering to that.

As you all know, I'm a person who love make up and look pretty different without it.

Soo there's a lot of circumstances where people got shock seeing me without!


Here are some examples:

1) Facial

When I go for facial consultation or just massage, I'll dress as normal (glam glam/cute cute/sweet sweet)..

But when it's on the facial day, it will take lots of eye power to recognize me.

Quotes from the receptionist :
' erm. Sorry you are?'
'Kelly 5pm appointment'
'Ah!! 0.0 that model Kelly?'
'Ya hehee without makeup'
'Sorry ah. You sat there so long I didn't know who's that so i didn't approach u.'

Quotes from beautician:
' ah! Kelly ah...' *silence*
' very different leh! Now I believe why u said you don't have any suitors in school or at work! '
' hahaha I won't lie for this kind of stuff, not exactly a humble person you see~ hahaha 0.0!! But ugly?'
' no la. Just looks like little kid'

Well... There's a nicer way of saying ' you have no sex appeal' hahahah

2) Gollylocks

Once I met her during my clinicals period to pass her items...
I did warn her that I'll look like cleaner with my uniform.. But I guess.. She underestimated my warning..

' wahahahahahahahah' (yes, greetings from her)
' wahahaha!! Really can't tell that you will be interested in blogging/modelling when you're wearing like that!!'
' I warn you Liao ah!!'

-.- friends.. Always so frank... Hahaha
But she's not a lot better lo! I only recognize her height and complexion!
No la.. She's pretty too.. Hahaha

3) Schoolmates

Well. Basically I don't put on makeup to school unless unless there's event after school. Cause I'm a very lazy person. But, surprisingly the first time I heard people commenting on my looks were during my first year.

See.. I'm in this clique of pretty girls that time..
As heard from my friends, people from other classes named us..

1) the pretty one (really pretty)
2) the bondage skirt (she used to like sexy tight skirt that time)
3) me... The one who looks very different from her Facebook display pic!

*absolutely no photoshop*

Then sometimes, when I go for clinicals.. I'll be on diet. My clinical friends will ask me why I'm dieting etx. Then I'll say I've got casting/photoshoot/runway etc.

Most of the times, they would 0.0 or just assume its some family photoshoot or marathon hahahaha

Oh oh! And when I said I've for interview. They will expect its from school/hospital/job agency! Hahahaha

But I guess, after 3years... No matter how unconvincing I look without makeup, they sort of know its brand photoshoot and runway.. Haha

4) Photoshoot, runway etc.

Normally we are supposed to report without any makeup on...
So the clients will always ALWAYS be 0.0 *silence* ' oh Kelly. Please sit down we'll get you dolled up soon'

And after the makeup,
' oh better.'
' so cute'
' so pretty'

I always wanted to shoot back
' before makeup not pretty not cute Liao ah?'

But I know.. Hahaha it would definitely be a very awkward moment of silence. Wahahah

Oh once, the mmk manager (good friends) who saw me without makeup for the first time.. Commented ' Kelly!!! Where's your eyes!! '
Wahahhaa but that's really funny cause during that period my eye makeup is really really exaggerating!

5) Shopping

Well. I do have a few shops that I frequent and they all saw me with an without makeup.

Common things they say :
' Waaa u look different leh'
' I thought u're some secondary 2 students! Hahaha'
' you never put makeup got people recognize you?'

6) Readers

Surprisingly.. There are readers who recognized me on streets when I'm without makeup! Wahahahahaha


During those moments, I will regret not putting makeup that day! Hahaha

But the chances to see me without makeup is very high! 80% of my days are without makeup! Hahaha

So.. Would like to say thank you and goooood eye sight for spotting me on streets without makeup! Wahahahah

7) Boyfriend

Surprisingly... My boyfriend didn't say much.. Guess he loves me too much! Wahahahahha

The first time he saw me without makeup is when I'm sick..
So u can imagine how much more sickly I look..

But he didn't say much.. Still said I'm cute! I guess he really love me a lot and didn't want to aggravate my illness! Wahahahahahahah

On the other hand, whenever I put makeup now.. He will ask ' where you going? What event? Anything on? Etc...'


Well.. That's the life of Kelly without makeup!

But I've never hated my non makeup face before.

Because only with my non makeup face, I can appreciate cosmetics more...

Also, will be able to show girls out there that with hardwork you can definitely be prettier!
That's why I love organizing makeovers. Hahaha

Other that modelling, doing makeup for others is my second passion.

But.. Having said that.... I'm always striving to be prettier..
As one of this year's resolutions, I hope to be pretty even without makeup!

So today I'm going to share what I've been doing recently!

1) exfoliate three times a week
2) putting facial mask daily
3) hakubi c pills
4) latisse for eyelashes growth
5) face yoga

Yes! And hopefully with all these, I will look prettier without makeup at the end of this year.

But I'll definitely miss those funny comments people gave! Just to add, I've never felt insulted or angry when they said that, cause that's the best compliment to my makeup skills!


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

[Tutorial] Simple Makeup with EYEMAZING x Zipper lashes

Tutorial to create this simple casual look

Final look :
applied vivid colour lipstick as well!

Hope you like the tutorial!


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Lash Review : Eyemazing X Zipper , AMO X Pastel Type B

Hello everyone!!

it had been long since i've last did a lash review!

Today i'm going to review on EYEMAZING X ZIPPER  Amo X Pastel Type B.

Ever since i've got in touch with the harajuku fashion, i'm intrigued by their makeup and how they managed to loooook sooo super stylish even with simple clothes!

so, i'm really eager to try on Amo's creation!

AND especially when it's BROWN lashes!!


Type B, partial lashes

finally puting them on!

love how the brown lashes make the falsies look less harsh.

 Durability ★★★☆☆
i've used them twice and they are of great condition even though i plucked them off all the time. hahaha *not recommended*
the strands seem to be adhered tightly to the stalk. 

Length + Volume ★★★☆☆
The length is great! love that the lashes are longer at the ends  <3 p="p">
so when u do a droopy eye look, it would still help to extend the width of your eyes.
creating a wide and droopy eyes <3 amo="amo" just="just" like="like" p="p" s="s">

Although it's a partial lash, it's still thick enough to define your eyes.
Design ★☆☆
Love the brown. It tends to make the eyes looks softer.
looks feathery ad natural. =D

really like the curl that they have
as you can see, it curl up and does not block your eyes.
(you know sometimes...... either with bad application skills or heavy lashes, the falsies will droop and make your eyes look really SMALL >.< *hate that* )

Comfort ★★★★★
the stalk is transparent and soft, the lashes are very light too!
Personally i do not feel it when i'm wearing it

OverAll ★★★☆☆
These are really cute and sweet lashes.
However my natural lashes are toooooo short to put off the partial lash look!
despite that, it makes my eyes look big nevertheless!

If you wanna try on these lashes, you can purchase them from WATSONS!
also, don't forget to check SG official facebook page for EYEMAZING

Will be posting the makeup tutorial for this look next! 
Please read them!

thank you for reading!


Sunday, January 6, 2013

Resolution for 2013

yes, 2012 ended.

2012 was awesome, memorable..
probably one of the most memorable years in my life....



i hope 2013 would be just as great
2013 is going to be more awesome!!


here's my resolution!

* haha yes i'm very superficial wahaha*
To be able to lose 3kg this year! I've lost 1kg since the end of december cause i'm sick!
yep still sick...
i wonder how much i will lose.. =3=
not the healthy way i wanted though...
(my preferred way.. pilates yoga and healthy diet.. losing weight while being sick is really fast but... you tend to lose your muscles and you will be jiggly jiggly jelly.. yes i'm jiggly jelly now)

To have tsuru tsuru (smooth) skin~

To look younger as i get older.

this was also one of my resolution of 2012!
well.. I LOST 4kg! 
hope that 2013 will be great too!

2. To stay knitted with my family and my bf's family
<3 p="p">

3. To stay happy ALWAYS
my plankton brain can be happier than year...


thinking simple...
forgiving, appreciating and loving 
everyone more!

omg. i'm super super guilty for this..
sooooo sorry! thank you for staying by even though i'm always lacking in updates!

5. Lastly.. to create a memorable 2013!



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