Friday, January 25, 2013

Datsumo Labo

Hello everyone!!


Today i'm going to blog about DATSUMO LABO!!

I think it's relatively a new brand in singapore but it's really very popular in JAPAN!!
a lot of models/celebrities are attending to it...

not only because of its cheap packages, they also come because the services are really good!!

personally, i've tried their permanent hair removal..
and unlike many salon, theirs is totally....

i know right! why should girls suffer when they want to look prettier!!

we should be rewarded and being pampered!!

and DATSUMO LABO is here to give you all!
cause ....
do you know that....

their permanent hair removal gel also moisturises and whitens your skin at the same time?
it's like OMG OMG OMG!!

the first time i went there, i was made to watch this super long video...
but it's all worthed it!

cause i learnt many things to protect my skin from further damage !

do you know that normal home hair removing techniques actually damage your skin?



can lead to nasty ingrown hair and irritated skin!


can lead to nasty ingrown hair, rough skin and folliculitis!


Using hair removal cream is not any better...

it damages both hair and skin protein!
and your skin aged faster! O.O

soo.. permanent hair removal is the best choice if you want to remove hair!

but.... i'm sure many of you will be worrying about the HIGH prices involved..

but not to worry!!
datsumo labo made it very affordable!


that's the monthly price for 7 areas

yes!! 7 areas!! i know right!!

i used to visit this salon (i'm pretty sure it's not very good to name it here...)
and i have armpit permanent hair removal plan with them...
it's $400 plus a package, calculated by number of shots!
and the thing is.. it last less than 1 year and i still have hairs on my armpit!!
so it's really a waste of money!!
not to mention, i had ingrown hair and inflammation once when another beautician helped to serve me once instead of my regular one.. >.<
super disappointed..

oh okies.. story aside..
let's do the  math.

99 for 7 areas.. which means it's $14.15 per area!
and... let's say you need 1 year to completely remove your hair, that will be just $169.70!

not to mention, it's absolutely painless!
and no risk of ingrown hair, inflammation etc!
as their beauticians are all professionally trained!!  

regretted going to my previous salon.
i'm really glad that datsumo labo is here in singapore now!

 in case you're wondering, this is no scam..
the reason why they managed to keep the price so low it's because..

they have very little advertisement (mostly word by mouth) and also their furniture are really cheap!
but i assure you their equipment is really expensive and good

let me bring you thru what a normal treatment would be like...

what i love and hate at the same time is that... they will put a really cold towel on your skin after hair removal..
this is to ensure that your pores are tighten up! =D 

and tada~!

you will have smooth and fair skin after that~! 

 i love it!!
i'm sure you will too!!

quote KELLYKONOMI to enjoy a 10% discount!

here's their address:
#01-13 International Building,
360 Orchard Road Singapore 238869.

and remember to call them to find out more about the treatment!


and here's their facebook page!




  1. I wish I could get that treatment ^-^ It looks very expensive though >.<

  2. Ooh, that sounds great! ^w^
    Lucky it's cheaper than usual, and works well!
    And painless? That's so good!! >w< Thank you for sharing!

  3. I was afraid about getting permanent hair removal but you made it look like so easy :)and you look so cute as always ^^ thanks.

  4. it would be more convenient if perth have that sort of i don't have to wax all my life!! haha

  5. Great write up Kelly! I was afraid about getting permanent hair removal at the start but now I do it at home.


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