Sunday, January 13, 2013

Lash Review : Eyemazing X Zipper , AMO X Pastel Type B

Hello everyone!!

it had been long since i've last did a lash review!

Today i'm going to review on EYEMAZING X ZIPPER  Amo X Pastel Type B.

Ever since i've got in touch with the harajuku fashion, i'm intrigued by their makeup and how they managed to loooook sooo super stylish even with simple clothes!

so, i'm really eager to try on Amo's creation!

AND especially when it's BROWN lashes!!


Type B, partial lashes

finally puting them on!

love how the brown lashes make the falsies look less harsh.

 Durability ★★★☆☆
i've used them twice and they are of great condition even though i plucked them off all the time. hahaha *not recommended*
the strands seem to be adhered tightly to the stalk. 

Length + Volume ★★★☆☆
The length is great! love that the lashes are longer at the ends  <3 p="p">
so when u do a droopy eye look, it would still help to extend the width of your eyes.
creating a wide and droopy eyes <3 amo="amo" just="just" like="like" p="p" s="s">

Although it's a partial lash, it's still thick enough to define your eyes.
Design ★☆☆
Love the brown. It tends to make the eyes looks softer.
looks feathery ad natural. =D

really like the curl that they have
as you can see, it curl up and does not block your eyes.
(you know sometimes...... either with bad application skills or heavy lashes, the falsies will droop and make your eyes look really SMALL >.< *hate that* )

Comfort ★★★★★
the stalk is transparent and soft, the lashes are very light too!
Personally i do not feel it when i'm wearing it

OverAll ★★★☆☆
These are really cute and sweet lashes.
However my natural lashes are toooooo short to put off the partial lash look!
despite that, it makes my eyes look big nevertheless!

If you wanna try on these lashes, you can purchase them from WATSONS!
also, don't forget to check SG official facebook page for EYEMAZING

Will be posting the makeup tutorial for this look next! 
Please read them!

thank you for reading!



  1. I've never tried brown lashes before! But they look really sweet on you!

  2. Wow the brown lashes look really nice.
    I've been meaning to try the EyemazingxZipper lashes.

  3. I can't wait for the makeup tutorial!! (-^w^-) I never thought about wearing brown eye lashes before. Maybe they will go well with brown eyeliner? ('w') They look very cute on you!! <3


  4. wah~they look lovely on you!
    I really want2try out these lashes! never tried brown lashes before :oo
    great review!


  5. Wow,that looks pretty cute :D
    It matches a cute girl like you ^ ^

  6. Been looking for Japanese lashes too!!

    Check out my beauty blog @


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