Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What my bf said when he saw my naked face?

Hello everyone!

Yesterday I received this comment from one of my readers....

what does your bf say when he first see your naked face?

And I thought....

It would be quite an interesting question to answer to!

well, he/she is not the only person who asked me that question!
Many of my friends/acquaintances asked the same question too! 

and i've always enjoyed answering to that.

As you all know, I'm a person who love make up and look pretty different without it.

Soo there's a lot of circumstances where people got shock seeing me without!


Here are some examples:

1) Facial

When I go for facial consultation or just massage, I'll dress as normal (glam glam/cute cute/sweet sweet)..

But when it's on the facial day, it will take lots of eye power to recognize me.

Quotes from the receptionist :
' erm. Sorry you are?'
'Kelly 5pm appointment'
'Ah!! 0.0 that model Kelly?'
'Ya hehee without makeup'
'Sorry ah. You sat there so long I didn't know who's that so i didn't approach u.'

Quotes from beautician:
' ah! Kelly ah...' *silence*
' very different leh! Now I believe why u said you don't have any suitors in school or at work! '
' hahaha I won't lie for this kind of stuff, not exactly a humble person you see~ hahaha 0.0!! But ugly?'
' no la. Just looks like little kid'

Well... There's a nicer way of saying ' you have no sex appeal' hahahah

2) Gollylocks

Once I met her during my clinicals period to pass her items...
I did warn her that I'll look like cleaner with my uniform.. But I guess.. She underestimated my warning..

' wahahahahahahahah' (yes, greetings from her)
' wahahaha!! Really can't tell that you will be interested in blogging/modelling when you're wearing like that!!'
' I warn you Liao ah!!'

-.- friends.. Always so frank... Hahaha
But she's not a lot better lo! I only recognize her height and complexion!
No la.. She's pretty too.. Hahaha

3) Schoolmates

Well. Basically I don't put on makeup to school unless unless there's event after school. Cause I'm a very lazy person. But, surprisingly the first time I heard people commenting on my looks were during my first year.

See.. I'm in this clique of pretty girls that time..
As heard from my friends, people from other classes named us..

1) the pretty one (really pretty)
2) the bondage skirt (she used to like sexy tight skirt that time)
3) me... The one who looks very different from her Facebook display pic!

*absolutely no photoshop*

Then sometimes, when I go for clinicals.. I'll be on diet. My clinical friends will ask me why I'm dieting etx. Then I'll say I've got casting/photoshoot/runway etc.

Most of the times, they would 0.0 or just assume its some family photoshoot or marathon hahahaha

Oh oh! And when I said I've for interview. They will expect its from school/hospital/job agency! Hahahaha

But I guess, after 3years... No matter how unconvincing I look without makeup, they sort of know its brand photoshoot and runway.. Haha

4) Photoshoot, runway etc.

Normally we are supposed to report without any makeup on...
So the clients will always ALWAYS be 0.0 *silence* ' oh Kelly. Please sit down we'll get you dolled up soon'

And after the makeup,
' oh better.'
' so cute'
' so pretty'

I always wanted to shoot back
' before makeup not pretty not cute Liao ah?'

But I know.. Hahaha it would definitely be a very awkward moment of silence. Wahahah

Oh once, the mmk manager (good friends) who saw me without makeup for the first time.. Commented ' Kelly!!! Where's your eyes!! '
Wahahhaa but that's really funny cause during that period my eye makeup is really really exaggerating!

5) Shopping

Well. I do have a few shops that I frequent and they all saw me with an without makeup.

Common things they say :
' Waaa u look different leh'
' I thought u're some secondary 2 students! Hahaha'
' you never put makeup got people recognize you?'

6) Readers

Surprisingly.. There are readers who recognized me on streets when I'm without makeup! Wahahahahaha


During those moments, I will regret not putting makeup that day! Hahaha

But the chances to see me without makeup is very high! 80% of my days are without makeup! Hahaha

So.. Would like to say thank you and goooood eye sight for spotting me on streets without makeup! Wahahahah

7) Boyfriend

Surprisingly... My boyfriend didn't say much.. Guess he loves me too much! Wahahahahha

The first time he saw me without makeup is when I'm sick..
So u can imagine how much more sickly I look..

But he didn't say much.. Still said I'm cute! I guess he really love me a lot and didn't want to aggravate my illness! Wahahahahahahah

On the other hand, whenever I put makeup now.. He will ask ' where you going? What event? Anything on? Etc...'


Well.. That's the life of Kelly without makeup!

But I've never hated my non makeup face before.

Because only with my non makeup face, I can appreciate cosmetics more...

Also, will be able to show girls out there that with hardwork you can definitely be prettier!
That's why I love organizing makeovers. Hahaha

Other that modelling, doing makeup for others is my second passion.

But.. Having said that.... I'm always striving to be prettier..
As one of this year's resolutions, I hope to be pretty even without makeup!

So today I'm going to share what I've been doing recently!

1) exfoliate three times a week
2) putting facial mask daily
3) hakubi c pills
4) latisse for eyelashes growth
5) face yoga

Yes! And hopefully with all these, I will look prettier without makeup at the end of this year.

But I'll definitely miss those funny comments people gave! Just to add, I've never felt insulted or angry when they said that, cause that's the best compliment to my makeup skills!



  1. i get that feeling of not being recognised...
    but i guess I'm the opposite. I'm a very lazy person to look good infront of other people. (especially when there's no good ikemens
    but when i put on make up (eyeliner, mascara, lashes, contact, etc) the people who knows me thought that I'm someone else... 0.0

    but yeah you do look like a little kid without make up! so cute hahah
    unlike me, mistaken as 5-7 years younger than my real age when I'm without make up T.T

    1. YES! actually i saw your blog, you look really young! hehehe
      and you're young too! hahahaha

      I usually wear cosmetics not because of guys, but girls!!! you know how competitive and pretty other girls look! so i don't want to dim out beside them >.<!! hahahaha

  2. Hahah kelly you're so honest and funny!

    1. ya! seriously! all these happen very often! hahaha

  3. You're still cute without makeup on :)
    Hehe thanks for writing this post

  4. It's the glasses I tell you.. I don't look that dif without makeup but once I take off the contacts WAHAHHAHA hello different me. But I still walk around like that. Can't be hiding behind a makeup face my whole life!

    1. WAHAHAHAHA! *high five*

      yes! can't hide at all!

      i once had very big and geeky glasses hoping that i will look preppy even without makeup..
      but ends up looking crappy! ahhahaha

  5. Kelly, I love this post! but I think you're cute with or without make-up, though, without you'll look much younger. heheh... but still very kawaii <3

    1. thank you! hehehehee

      i actually love looking young!

  6. Ahahaha!
    If Singapore ever film "Switch Girl", I think you are the prime candidate!
    Sounds like you're leading a double life >_<
    Does your skin get pimples easily when you go out bare faced?
    Mine does and I'm starting to believe that wearing make up or at least a layer of BB cream can block the dirt & dust from harming our skin

    By the way, while reading this post, I don't know why but I suddenly feel like maybe you should organise a gathering and show us your bare face. Haha! Just a random thought!

    1. hahaha!! please send this comment to mediacorp~
      wahahhahaa. don't mind being singapore's switch girl! =DDD

      well, i watched some variety shows. they said that there's a lot of air pollution so it's actually healthier for your skin to put on foundation as they served as a barrier.

      but, i slapped a lot of cream and sunscreen on my skin before i go out everyday.. probably that's why i didn't feel any difference!
      toner -> essence - moisture cream - moisturizer - sunscreen

      WAHAHAHA you guys can stalk me in school!
      i think i would be quiet if i'm without makeup!
      it's just the habit thing.
      with makeup, i tend to be louder and more confident.
      without, i'm always sleepy (maybe it's the school thing~ hahahha)

  7. I can so relate to this :) thanks for sharing!

  8. hahaha, I'm super plain without makeup too > <
    I sometimes feel terrible when I receive compliments with my full made up face and contacts because its almost like deceiving that person so I always tell them "makeup is magical" :L

  9. I still love you although you could look like me daughter without makeup~ *damn my laozabor face* ganbatte!! Lets strive to be prettier!

  10. I still love you although you could look like me daughter without makeup~ *damn my laozabor face* ganbatte!! Lets strive to be prettier!

  11. Ohoho Kelly! I love your sense of humor! This post is great XD

  12. Wow ! You really look like a secondary school kid without makeup ! But it's a good thing , better than to look older ! (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚*

  13. Awww, you still look really cute without makeup! Just innocent and young! (Which is a very lucky thing ;__;)

    I actually go through the same thing when either someone who has never seen me with makeup or people that have see me without makeup... I don't wear makeup almost 90% of the time, so close friends will always poke fun at my pictures with makeup. I think this post shows you're a beautiful person inside and out!

  14. What! You're still cute without make-up!
    I really love how you're such a popular beauty blogger and you can still go out without make-up!
    I do that too, actually. I usually just save make-up for events, and don't wear make-up for every day things.
    For me, it's too tiring and I'm too lazy to wear make-up every day to school.
    Then I have to thoroughly wash it off at the end of the day. SIGH. So much work, haha! ^w^

  15. aww kelly you're still adorable either way.
    thank you for sharing though ^-^

  16. i lik u! unlike other bloggers who is always tryin their best to photoshop n cover up all her natural self even with makeup (Mi****).... hope to see more of ur natural photos u motivate me to doll up. LOVE U!

  17. I think u look as good with no makeup probably a little younger but still u are pretty natural looking. Of course I enjoyed looking at your made up face but without makeup is just as good!

  18. thanks for answering my question! arigato! :)

    btw, if you put on concealer and circle lens, you look pretty already.

  19. you still look gorgeous even without makeup!! no worries <3

  20. You still look very pretty without any cosmetics on!

  21. there's actually face yoga...? haha

    I can understand! before i started to be able to afford cosmetics and skincare, people usually dont look at me and my family always say i look omg O_O

    until recent years older le got work and income then i started to try out alot products and learning how to put makeup! (hehe got some credits to you too! thanks to reading your blog I'm buying alot jap cosmetics too other than korean brands (: ) of course I would love to look good without makeup also but since I dont now I really appreciate the existence of them and how much they help one to look good and boost confidence! :D

  22. Hey Kelly I like that you are very genuine & true to yourself :D You got real confidence. You go girl. Not like some beauty bloggers who are too scared to show their non-makeup face. While I was in secondary and JC I look like a small kid, with black specs and buck teeth. Even now people say I look really young, even when I wear party clothes. But when I wear makeup things really change! Thanks for being an inspiration to ladies all over.


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