Thursday, February 28, 2013

day 3 : OOTD + Morning breakfast

hello everyone!

Today..... we went to the supermarket and bought groceries enough to keep us full for weeks.

here's photos of the supermarket for the curious!

my favourite!! and it's without the annoying peanuts >.<!

and after that, we went home to cook breakfast!

cooked by yours truly!
onsen tamago + demi sauce hamburger!

oishiiiii yo~!

i can be little wifey already~


Swimmer bottle that i bought yesterday!
super cute yo!

=============== -----2 ------- ===============


not very cold today so i'm wearing my leggings!! yeah! finally!!


Day 2: My turn for haircut.. + many photos again..

hello everyone!

Thank you for commenting and reading my previous post on my day1 in japan!
I hope i can continue to blog everyday from now on! hehehe.
need to start this good habit! wahha

finally today it's my turn to have my haircut...!!

i did a little research (not exactly, just went to one of the salons that models frequent wahahah)...
and i chose to go UREALM!

one of the reasons being it's quite near my place and very near to harajuku!
can go shopping after doing my hair!

 what i wore yesterday.
super thick and warm..
cause the day before was freaking cold! O.O!!

but sadly.. it was actually much warmer! >.<
should have worn my leggings instead!

Had breakfast at SOUP STOCK!

 which.. like the name implies.. sells soup

 cold packet available for takeaway!

seasame rice with vegetable soup

keith's beef curry rice

after charging our body with delicious and HEALTHY soup!
we head on (and walk walk walk walk walk) to U-REALM.

saw a really nice cafe near the hair salon

but unfortunately, we didn't go in!

finally reached U-REALM.


colour : ash pink
what i requested for : KOGAO (small face) 
cost : 10290 for colour and cut

Btw, keith's super nice haircut + colour + eye brow breaching is only 10500! O.O

the pink somehow didn't show up in my photos!
but i'll post some more photos below! hehehe.

it will continue to fade after 1-2 weeks! hehe
 after that....
we went to EAT!


have to say...
it's really an unique experience dinning there.

so firstly, u'll purchase the tickets for the food outside the store (not very usual la)

then after that there's this board that shows u which seats are empty, and u go there by yourself.

 take the form and choose what you want for your ramen.
oiliness, garlic, negi, how u like your broth and noodles to be.

then press the red button

the waitress will come to your place via the small window below and take your order

they deliver your food there too!

after they delivered your food, they close the window..
i mean, you won't want people to stare at you when u WOLF down the delicious ramen.

needless to say...
the RAMEN was awesome!
it's definitely one of the best ramen we had!

to me, the broth is really really different from the usual ones!

still continue drinking the soup cause it's damnnnnnn nice!

had this time to reduce fat absorption!

大満足!! when i see the photos again....
omg! i want to eat RAMEN! >.<

after that shopping!!

@kiddy place

24 hours mascara!

bag + hoodie!

line dolls!
soooo tempted to buy!

 @laforet swimmer

vanilla cone umbrella 945 yen

random photos @laforet 

@E hyphen world gallery BON BON
(YES, produced by AMO! >.<! *inserts scream*)

super nice!! ><!! wanted to purchase a lot of stuff...
but i'm POOR =(

need to save money for the next few weeks!

and we shopped around omotesando and harajuku till 7plus...

my legs are sooo tired! need to massage them today!

back in my apartment!
more photos of my hair!

can see the pink?

i'm really looking forward to seeing the ash pink when it fades!

going to .... SHIBUYA and akibahara!



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