Thursday, February 28, 2013

day 3 : OOTD + Morning breakfast

hello everyone!

Today..... we went to the supermarket and bought groceries enough to keep us full for weeks.

here's photos of the supermarket for the curious!

my favourite!! and it's without the annoying peanuts >.<!

and after that, we went home to cook breakfast!

cooked by yours truly!
onsen tamago + demi sauce hamburger!

oishiiiii yo~!

i can be little wifey already~


Swimmer bottle that i bought yesterday!
super cute yo!

=============== -----2 ------- ===============


not very cold today so i'm wearing my leggings!! yeah! finally!!



  1. You look so cute <3 What lashes are you wearing here? So many japanese goodies! waaaaaah!

    1. thank you! hehehe

      i bought from taobao!

  2. cute and skinny!!! Haha cute little wifey!! And the bottle duper cute!

    1. hehehe thank you!!

      yes! super love the bottle. ^u^

  3. You look so cuteeeeee!!!! :3

  4. HI KELLYYY!! you're adorable! i ever follow you're blog!
    i'm Marilena an italian girl :)
    however, since you're in japan can you do me a favor? :O
    Can you buy me march zipper magazine with the perfect book of seto ayumi and ship it to me? obviously i'll pay you if you agree!
    pleaseee *__*

    cheers from italy Mary

    1. hi there!

      thank you so much! <3

      actually you can buy them from

      it would be cheaper than i ship them from where i am.

      the issue you're looking for

  5. ハロー!kelly!! how long will be in Tokyo?? Was it the prize from the Tsubasa competition? I'm so envious of you!! I think it's really true that, somehow being in Japan naturally makes a girl even prettier then before!! keep them posting!! thank you!! Last question! did you rent the apartment by yourself, is there a website for it? ^^

    1. hello!

      3 weeks +!

      yes yes! i used the cash voucher to buy tickets! hehe

      yaaaa.. i do have to agree to that!! i realised that my style improves a little trip by trip! hahaha.
      i think it's the culture, fashion and the beautiful girls you see everyday that motivates/inspires you to work harder! hehehe.. here is where i booked my place.
      but it's not very worth it if you're only staying for a short period of time.

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  7. Hii, Qt pie kelly! :D Can you do me favor, like help me buy pikarin's lens from there? I'll pay you the money. >,<

  8. you are so cute <3
    and the new hair really suits you so so good ♥
    the bottle from swimmer is adorable too ♥


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