Thursday, February 14, 2013

[DIET] Optrimax : Lost 1 kg in a day!!

Hello everyone!

today i'll be revealing my weight!! and my new diet secret weapon!

i've never met any diet plan as effective as this! so u've got to read if you're dieting right now!!

I gained quite a bit after feasting during chinese new year..
i know.. this is bad.. especially when i'm supposed to lose 3-4kg before heading to japan 2 weeks later.

anyway.. i chanced upon this awesome product after reading reviews from bloggers and their website... and I'M SOLD!! i just have to get this!!

without further a do...

let me introduce you to....

it contains

VG mix



all these make a smoothie to substitute your meals for 5 days!
but the results are astonishing!

i've just started yesterday..

but i lost 1 kg!!
no exercise, just by eating though..

in case you're wondering...
optrimax is not those typical weight loss meal replacement that just controls your calorie intake..

the whole concept behind Optrimax is awesome in a whole new level!

it's a 
The Revolutionary Concept Of Enzymatic Weight Management

it proposed that the enzymes in our body are preoccupied with digesting all the cooked and processed food. the limited number of enzymes in our body then have to change their main function to digesting food and thereby losing their detoxification and metabolic function!
thus leading to an accumulation of waste and fats!

ouch! sounds like my body is full of junk !

by consuming Optrimax, it helps to cleanse your body and reset the enzymatic function in your body!
which means that you can lose weight easier even after you stop!

OMG!! sounds too good to be true..

but it's true!

but the price to pay is that..
you need to adhere to the plan!

for breakfast, lunch and dinner

and 1 hour after dinner~

*here comes my favourite part*

you'll eat

plum delite!

Whole plum, specially pickled with probiotics, Green Tea and Pu-er Tea powder, that provides a good source of fibre and promotes excellent healthy bowel movements, ensuring the easy removal of waste materials from our digestive system.

it's freaking tasty!!

super super nice!!

love it sooo much!

   If you're interested in trying them....

you can read more about them here

i guess the best news is....

i'll be holding a giveaway for this effective and healthy diet plan!

 retail price : $258
Discounted price now : $228

giveaway opens worldwide!
join now and stand a chance to win a set! 
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  1. Omg!!soooooo nice!! seems so good taste and effective hehehe. You give me lots of inspiration to loose weight now! i'll try hahaha how to get out of yummy food ahhhhh ><

  2. Whatt!! Really? A kilo in a day?! Wah, that sounds so good! >w<

  3. You shouldn`t advocate diets like that, not only is it a total ripoff, it promotes an unhealthy way of thinking about your body in young people! The weight you lost is probably just water weight. The only healthy way to lose weight is eating healthy rational portions all through the day and a little excercise, cardio to be exact and maybe some weight training, because muscle burns more fat.
    Real wieght loss takes MONTHS and no magic trick or eating lowcal will really help. Eating below 1500kcal a day is just dangerous for anyone`s health. TBH I am disappointed you promote more and more irrational ways to lose weight - do you realize you might push some girls into eating disorders? Please rethink.

    1. Hi Magdalena,

      sorry... I didnt know that i might be pushing some girls into eating disorders.. If i remember correctly, my diet plans so far have been revolving around healthy eating and drinking water. I didn't really touch on exercises as i assume that's the known fact! i like to touch on new diet methods so that girls out that can find one that suits them best! To add on, all the diets that i've suggested as based on studies and their positive effects on our digestive system! =D just to add on, i tried and have to try all the diet methods before introducing them to you all. just to make sure there's no adverse effects and also to evaluate on the feasibility of the diet.

      I don't know which one sounds really unhealthy or irrational to you.
      Maybe it's this? =.= but to be honest, this program is used for DETOXIFICATION which is good for your health. In addition, you can also consume this before/after your regular meals but the detoxification effects would be as effective? I think if you were to google, you will know that detox is healthy for your body and it's highly recommended.

      I know that you've successfully kicked off unhealthy dieting methods and started on exercising! which is great! =D However, i think you need to be more open about new methods like detoxification. Honestly, the first few days of this detoxification program feels like shit but currently i'm feeling rather CLEAN! like more alert and energetic! i really don't know how to explain this in words. I'm not a good writer.

      Yes, i agree with you that healthy weight loss takes time. However all the diet programs are introduced as adjunct to facilitate their regular dieting/exercising.

      But detox is different. O.O

      I need to apologise for portraying this as a weight loss program and causes such misunderstanding. I guess i'm toooo excited about my weight loss.

      I know some of you girls out there might reprimand me for being on diet despite my "low" weight. However, i can assure you that i'm healthy and short (hahaha). I exercise regularly in the gym. I probably would have done more cardiovascular training than some people. I do hot yoga, pilates, zumba , jogging, gyming and shopping ( i counted that as my exercise! hahaha). though i'm a potato couch when there's exams and all.. =.= *sobs*

      Also i apologize for the possibility of influencing girls into eating disorders.. (just to clarify i've got no eating disorders!) In initial intention was never to be making girls as skinny as a pole, i only wanted to share what that had been healthy and useful for girls. I can be a selfish person and keep all the diet plans to myself.. but, i've been through the fat phrase of my life and i know that some girls really need some directions. How i wish that there's a program that can detect all people with different BMI and selectively allowing some to see my posts. hahaha

      well, all in all..
      sorry to disappoint you magdalena.

  4. Honey, if you lose 1 kg in one day it's mostly water. It's like taking diuretics.

    1. Hi there,
      Maybe. but my weight is the same the next day too!
      At least i'm really skeptical about the fast weight loss.. and one of my readers told me it's due to water loss.. but my weight decreased the next day as well.

      Also, in this diet plan, you've got to drink A LOT of water

  5. This is so different from diuretics. I hope you know what a diuretic is for.
    I am for regular detox and I do it once every 3 months. (^^)v Definitely good for the liver! And because there's less carbs intake during detox, it's for sure we will lose some excess water as carbs bind water! So water loss does not mean anything bad, as long as we keep up the water intake during any detox plan. But I never tried any enzyme products for detox. Theoretically it sounds so right. *LOL.. recalling my chemistry.. Hope to give it a try. Have shared the FB post :)

    1. WOW! you're a regular detox? cool!
      How do you detox by?

      i find quite healthy about myself after going through this plan and i really want to know more about detox!

  6. Thanks for such an amazing giveaway!!

  7. The drops are also amazing because they enhance weight loss and boost your self esteem. pure diet drops But i am not sure how it can helps.. Any suggestions???


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