Wednesday, February 6, 2013

[review + GIVEAWAY] Bio-essence Miracle Bio water

Freezing cold... Freaking hot...

regardless of which, i would definitely recommend you to BIO-ESSENCE miracle water!!

Ekmedia passed me this awesome product a few months ago but i only managed to review them now.
i'm so sorry!



yes big word! haha -3-

but, let me explain further...

Miracle bio water has got :
  1.  20 Excellent efficiacies
  2. Ideal for sensitive skin
  3. Marvelous results for hair, face and body


sounds really awesome right!!

i personally tried out a few to see whether it's really as awesome as it claimed!

and here's the results!

looks more moisturised (but not a lot, cause my hay is really very dry haha)
it also runs through my fingers smoother

Skin looks more moisturized and radiant after application.
looks fairer too right!

i was actually doing the eyebag/dark circle test here..
but i didn't notice any difference in my eyes...
but can you see that my pimple on the side has become lighter?
(yes, in that black circle... and no, that's not my curly strand of hair.. haha)

 to be honest, i didn't expect a difference when i did such test..
cause it's just a WATER

but to my pleasant surprise, it not just a water. haha
it's MIRACLE water
*sounds a little cheesy though hahaha*

before i did these test, i sprayed them purely because i wanna feel energized or i feel that my skin is dry...

now i'll definitely spray more often!

i'm pretty sure you girls want to get them now right!!

fortunately, the sponsors gave me three more bottles to be given away!!

here's how to join the giveaway:

1. like my facebook if you haven't!
2. Share my giveway post on facebook!
(click here)
3. Comment on the post!

3 lucky winners will win away one bottle each!
Results will be announced on 10th of feb!

*PS: this is giveaway is for readers residing in singapore only!*
so sorry cause it's not allowed to ship items with liquid overseas 




  1. aww, though i want to try.. : (
    but that thing must be really good : )

  2. must be really effective! i wanna try that too! :)

  3. It seems like this item would be nice to use in the summer when there's more humidity!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. OMO you are so cute~~~*3* That hair suits you perfectly!! Shame that's only for Singaporean~ well I hope one day I will live there too ;)


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