Sunday, March 31, 2013

[Japan] Odaiba! A must to VISIT! - part 1

hello everyone!!

thank you for reading my post again!

Today i'll be introducing to you ODAIBA...

I think this would be a one day trip for many if you were to go to...
1) oedo onsen monogatari (hot spring themepark)
2) Shop at aqua city
3) Shop at venus fort
4) play at leisureland

it would definitely be a fun packed day!
big big hole in your pocket!

I will be splitting this post into two parts, just because it's of two different stations in odaiba!

oh... but just to say..
we didn't go to oedo onsen monogatari cause we arrived there in the afternoon!
so we chose shopping!
okay... i mean i chose shopping!

To aqua city, fuji television and many more :
1) Take Yurikamome line to ODAIBA station
2) Exit and you will see aqua city in front and fuji television on your right

fuji tv building

status of liberty

what's in for aqua city?
it has got SHIMAMURA!

there's also a ramen park in AQUA CITY

it's super super regretful that we didn't eat there ='(

would definitely like to go back and eat their gyozas >.<


shall save it for next japan trip!

and next post will be about OUTLETS in ODAIBA...

guess how much i bought this lovely dress from RESEXY?

will be revealed in next post together with lotsa CHEAP deals!


Saturday, March 30, 2013

Facts you probably didn't know about me...

Hello everyone!!

Today i'm going to be soooo narcissistic and assume that you will be interested in knowing more facts about me..

unexpected facts...

those little trivia facts that make people who first know me go... "-.= serious?"

1. I'm a fan of...

since many people thought i'm a girly kinda girl...

i love the thrill, suspense and abduction,murder scenes!
even though it's addictive, i'm not a social path. haha

i love DID YOU KNOW facts!
i can read them for hours!

i know i said this many times...
I'm a fan of maid cafes!!!
but.. to be accurate, i love cute and pretty girls!
*sounds really wrong*

but i don't know why..
but akb48 doesn't really appeal to me even though they are full of cuties..

hmmm... i think other addictions are pretty normal..

2. About me...

since i'm a blogger, i guess people tend to associate me as someone who is always active on all social platforms...

but... no!!
i've got tons of unread messages!
in addition, if i'm in a group conversation... despite being talkative in group in real life, i'll be very quiet...
like a silent WATCHER

but... seriously...
it's really hard to chat on social platforms...

but... don't call me..
most likely i won't pick up the phone..

erm... am i socially awkward? O.O

despite which...
i'm loving instagram...

i didn't know you all know..
but i stalk my followers... sometimes...

i love commenting on posts, like their posts...
i'm pretty much an instagram stalker.


despite being chippy online...
i get depressed really easily...
( i think i'm seriously making myself sound really psychotic in this post. haha)

i get depressed when i didn't manage to take a nice photo... (out of 100+ photos..)
i get depressed when i'm late... (oh i'm often late..)
i get depressed when i get rejection (not official rejection but hints of rejection)
i get depressed when i'm wasting my time..
i get depressed when i know i'm wasting my time but i'm still wasting my time..

but the good thing is...
i get happy really easily...
normally i just sleep and i'll forget everything..
or after i eat..
or when someone talks to me..
or when i showered...
or when keith smiles at me. haha

mood swing max++

i'm 22 years old.
this is weird.
i've received a handful of emails asking how old i am...
and they are usually shocked when i told them i'm 22 years old.
=.= sorry for being too short and too childish for my age

but the weird thing is..
in japan, some Japaneses can tell them i'm 22 years old!

hmmm i really shy...
many people assume that since i did hosting, videos, blogs etc..
i should be very thick skinned..
but no...
i'm really shy when talking to people..
i don't know how to start, don't know what to say.
and i know i got to change.

i won't really approach people and say HI, I'M KELLYKONOMI nice to meet you!
or wave my hands at you when i saw you in events (if we barely know each other..)

that's probably the reason why some people thinks i'm aloof.

but i'm friendly online!
cause i'm a keyboard warrior!

i know i said it once in my old posts..

but i don't eat fruits..
to be honest, i'm afraid of them.
i used to see a psychologists to overcome this phobia.
it got a lot better...
but.. i still get super tensed and sick when i googled for pictures of fruits for this post.
that's why i chose one that is harmless looking..

some people asks me how i get good complexion etc...
i would say... "i did exactly the same as most people but.. i don't eat fruits and i don't like washing my face"
okay.. both sounds really bad.

that's all i guess..
the rest are probably... still too weird to be shared.


Thursday, March 28, 2013

[tutorial] Fairy Doll makeup tutorial

This week tutorial is...

Fairy Doll Makeup!

Talking about fairies (elf, gnomes, fairy godmother etc) ....
My biggest impression of fairies has to be Galadriel  , the elf queen.

Her sweet and elegant demeanor with those lovely features!
I could imagine her waking up with fresh and dewy looking skin, long natural lashes, rosy cheeks, and perfect looking lips..
I bet she looks just as pretty when she wakes up!
okay.. maybe she needs to sprinkle a little magic on her hair for that elaborate hairdo!

so today i'm going to try to do a tutorial based on Galadriel.


hope you like the tutorial!

items used:
 Lime Secret Shine Base #75 Lime Pearl Gold $27.00 
 Aloe Sun BB Cream SPF 20 PA - Shade 1 $38.00
Sugar Bloom Shadow Box #6 $34.00
Black Rice Pen Eyeliner $30.00
Fresh Furit Lip and CHeek - Grapefruit $18.90
 Choco Eyebrow Powder Cake $16.40

all from skinfood

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Introducing a cheap and fashionable brand!

hello everyone!!

how many of you think that uniqlo is cheap?

well.... in japan, uniqlo is considered really cheap...

but on this trip to japan, my friend told me that there's another brand under uniqlo that is cheaper and is popular among japanese!!


and their ambassador is none other than...
the super kawaii and famous..

to be very honest, i went into the shop cause i saw kyari!

cheap right!!

super cute and casual maxi for 990yen!!

u can be fashionable with GU

kawaii dresses too!

i bought this!! hehehe

2 way bags for 990yen!! O.O

visit their website to see more photos!

kawaii yo ne!!
i hope GU comes to Singapore soon!

i shall end off this short post with a very very cute CM



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