Thursday, March 7, 2013

back again! [day 5] Shibuya + DONKI ~!

hello everyone!!

i'm back!!

sorry for the hiatus!
i had conjuctivitis the past few days and i just couldn't stare at bright lights for long >.<
it's really tough.

let's continue with my journey in JAPAN~

we went to shibuya and donki quoite that day~

Donki Quoite is a crazy place that one should never miss!!

it sells a lot of stuffs and crazy prices!! (well, reminds me of another place too.. will blog about it soon)


at center gai.
other than shibuya 109, you should go to center gai!
they sells lotsa clothes and foooood~

famous cheese cake!

kin no tori kara

won the grand price two years in a row!

their chicken is really big and juicy!

there are also sauces for you to dip!
here's the ranking!
1. original
2. curry
3. sweet chili
4 mayo
5. black vinegar
6. CHOCOLATE (??? tastes.... pretty.... okay..)
7. Lemon
8. Salt

i remember taking a few photos of the shops that i've visited..
but i just couldn't find them .>.<

but here's a super cute pet shop

selling really cute and small puppies!


then after that we went to donki!
which is opposite H&M

here's random snaps of what they sell!


facial hair ? hahahhaa

costumes for guys!

this weird and kinky looking thing is...
actually a facial training device.. helps to slim down face...
but.. nah.. i'm not buying..
cannot imagine using it in public or at home

this is funny!
this spectacle thingy... helps to make double eyelid!

wigs for guys!

BOOBIES bath soap

and SHIT bath soap. wahahaha

okay... this is...
actually a CD full of your fantasies..
the first in ranking is BROTHER CD and it's all sold out!
the whole CD only plays voices of girls calling you ONIICHAN~


 lens case!!

updating the next blog post now!
going to chiong finish everything by this afternoon~!


  1. lots of funny and crazy products! i want a poo soap!

    1. wahahahahah!! i'm not as adventurous to try that! >.< heheh but it's cute hor!

  2. OMG I want to hoard all of the lashes! Like nao!!!

  3. The lashes are so cheap!!! Buy all the lashes!!! *~* I wish hahahaha

    WTF at the glasses for double eyelids! That's so hilarious!

    1. I WANT TO! but >.< cannot~~~~~~~~~ no money!

      yep!! i doubt it actually works..

      and even if it works, i wonder when i can wear them! hahaha

  4. I wish one day I can go to Japan too! So many cute thing ah.
    Btw, I like your outfit~ =))

  5. kellyyyyyyyyyy i think i know what is ur next post is gg be abt! can we be selfish and not post that up? if not that place won't be exclusive anymore. >A<

    1. oh really! i actually have got two to share!

      that place isn't exclusive anyway..

      but... which place are you referring to?

    2. the initials are CAJ. >w<

      anyway speedy recovery for your eye/s!!

    3. hello!!

      i seeeee...

      but crazy about jane was never intended to be kept exclusive..
      maybe exclusive to my readers only i guess..

      my post of crazy about jane is here :

  6. hahaha donki is great :> they sell stuff there i never saw in my whole life XD


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