Saturday, March 16, 2013

Cheap Shopping places in Japan 2 : shimamura

Hello everyone!

i know you guys love CRAZY ABOUT JANE where they sell really cheap items in japan!

Today i'm going to introduce to you one shop that sells cheap and fashionable items...

the good news is..

it's nearer to the main shopping area than CRAZY ABOUT JANE (which is about 1 hour train ride)


yes! the shop that is often introduced as cheap places in POPTEEN!

S-LEG produced by TSUBASA~!


duper cute pull over!

something similiarly cute! hehehe


beautiful shoes!!
none more than 2600 yen! (SGD$33)

they sell bags too!

yes!! alot of cute stuffs!!
but don't overbuy them!!
cause u will end up spending a lot too!

like me!!
i spent about 14000yen in this shop O.O omg

but with that price, i probably would be able to purchase two dresses in shibuya 109 only! >.<
but i managed to buy......
2 dresses, 2 shorts, 1 bag, two slimming pants, lingeries! hehe

oh btw!

they also appeared on Tokyo Girls Collection 2013!

if you're heading to tokyo, i would recommend you to find some time to go to SHIMAMURA!
very convenient if you're on the JR yamanote line!

how to go there:

1. Travel to Takadanobaba station
2. Exit at the "BIG BOX" exit
3. Cross to the road where you can see KFC
4. Walk down and you will find SHIMAMURA



  1. i want to go to there * - * so amazing!! their stuff is soooooooo cute and cheap!! i wish we had stores like this in california :(((

  2. I went to that same exact place once and I loved it~ Everythign is soo cheap! * Q *
    Your so lucky that you went ; uuuu ;

  3. oh didn't know this shop till now <: looks nice though <3

  4. Wow I've been dying to get my hands on some s-leg socks <3

  5. omg!! all items seems so cute!! i love shoes!!!! haha you got a lot of things!
    thanks for sharing us a cheap place for girls to shop!! so niceeeeeeeee hehehe

  6. Omggg. I wanna go there!!! So many cute stuffs!! ><

  7. Oh gosh! SO MANY KAWAII STUFFS *u* I WANT ALL! Nomi chan! thanks so much, and looking forward for moore!

  8. Definitely bookmarking this for the next time I visit Jp!

  9. you look so amazing! love you!


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