Sunday, April 7, 2013

Handshake session for my favourite magazine! ft ATSUMI chan~

hello everyone!!

if u have been following my instagram, you would have heard about this magazine LARME

yes.. it's currently my favourite magazine!!

the photos inside are just sooo sooo sooo pretty!!

and i count myself really lucky as they've got this handshake session with larme's models : yui kanno and maria kurotaki!

Yui Kanno

maria, previously from ageha magazine

i'm really excited!!
cause i really love this magazine and their models tooooo much!!

so when i heard that they are going to have a handshake event when i'm in japan..
i rushed down to parco to purchase the event ticket!

on the day itself..

it's like super super long queue!!

i went down half an hour earlier but the queue is already at the 6F!!
the handshake event is at B1...

but the good thing is....

there's an exhibition corner!

displaying the kawaii photos and dresses!


another awesome thing is that....

i made a new friend!!
because the queue was just toooo long so we started chatting with each other!!

she's atsumi-chan!
super kawaii and friendly yo~
you can  pretty much imagine her as the japan version of kelly

not only is she interested in these cutesy events (she's a crazy fan of yui-chan btw), she's also a maid cafe!!

we spent our time chatting and figuring out whether we are okay.. because we have the strong obsession with cute girls!

but she's a @home maid cafe fan and i'm a maidreamin maid cafe fan~ 

so after about one hour of queuing, the queue starts moving~!

and then we got really excited..

but worried at the same time..
because we both love yui-chan hahaha and we forgotten about maria-chan >.<

then we spent the rest of the time thinking what to talk to maria-chan..

(well in japan, the handshake session actually allows fan to talk to the models individually for about a minute)

but no photo taking >.<

anyway, when i went up to yui chan....

THE MOST AWESOME thing happens!!
when i told her i'm from singapore..
she actually remembered me as one of the sisters who went down to popteen 3 years ago!!

>.< so super touched!
she said that my japanese improved a lot

and when i'm at maria's table.. i'm freaking shocked to see how petite and cute she is!!
i always thought she's those pretty and sexy model, since she's in ageha..
but in real life, her aura is sooooooo different..
she looks like a little doll with big kawaii eyes!
kyaaaa *mune kyun*

both of them are sooo sooo cute!!
love them much!!

then after that atsumi and i went to have lunch!

she brought me to this omurice restaurant that she recommends!

wahaha. can't help thinking how much we resembles..
both of us, started chewing on our diet supplements before the meal

atsumi chan~ kawaii yo~~
daisuki! <3 p="">


will be sharing the puri we took sooon~



  1. Wow! She seems so nice~ I love Yui too!

    1. yes!! all of them are nice!!!

      yes! she's super duper angelic!

  2. how adorable!
    just wondering, what brand of diet supplements do you use? :))

  3. Kelly, the omu rice restaurant is Pomme no Ki at Shibuya?

  4. たくさん写真のっててうれしい<3


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