Sunday, April 14, 2013


hello everyone!!

i'm supposed to announce this earlier but i didn't had time to do a blog post on this...

well, while i'm in japan...
i'm lucky enough to get an invitation from runway channel to blog on their platform! >.<

kyaaa super excited!!
and super super honored!!

cause cheesie, qiuqiu, audrey, yoshida reika, matsumoto ena, ogihara momoka etc etc all had their blogs there!! >.<



so here's my channel!

i'm putting this at my sidebar so that you can access to it through my blog too!!

i'll be blogging there more often....

cause the runway channel app is just sooooo fun to play with!!
and i could blog on my iphone with that!!

i know blogger has got an app as well.. but i'm not really a fan of that as i couldn't edit the posts as much as on PC (sizes, alignment etc)

but runway channel app is just awesome!
it's so japanese-y!!
there's free emoticons to use, free photo filters and many more!!

Runway Channel blog post app!

u can even choose items from your favourite shops and post it in the blog post!!

so i'm sold!
hahaha i'm blogging there on-the-go through my mobile!
but the posts there are less wordy and have got less photos!

it's just like a place you can visit when you miss me! @.@ 

and if you wanna interact with me there...

here's how!!

my channel

please follow!!

bottom of the post

hehehehe!! =D

oh oh!!
and please join the community if you interested in japanese fashion...

this is my front page in runway channel...

greeted by beautiful photos and items!!
definitely motivate you to be more kawaii!!


do sign up for an account and also follow my blog there!



  1. Hi. I have to say i loThanks ve your blog so much! ^^
    Can you do post about dieting? Because i need to get 10 kg out my body. And you are so tiny like i want to be. Can you tell your secrets ~~

    1. Hi, thank you soooo much!!

      I've some posts about dieting previously!

      currently i'm gyming (just cycle 30minutes, run (7.3km/h) for 30 mins), TRYING to cut down on my sugar intake... hahaha..

      if you love to, i can introduce some interesting diet stuffs on my blog post!

  2. So cool! More power to you and your blog! <3

  3. awwwwww lots of cute things in that channel!! hehe my life almost fall for all cute girls ah!


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