Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My Blogger Challenge : I blog daily

Hello everyone!!

I'm sick of being so lazy and irresponsible all the time!

Today, i'm officially going to start my BLOGGER CHALLENGE!

In this blogger challenge, i'll be required to blog DAILY

yes DAILY!

Sometimes i will have the urge to blog 3 posts in a row in one day..
Sometimes... I have nothing to blog about for more than 2 weeks.. and i'll just leave my blog there... empty.......

Well, as an avid blog stalker reader of many blogs, i'm disappointed and bored whether the same post appear for weeks on my favourite bloggers' blogs...

even when i know this is how my readers will feel when they read my blog..
i still...

from today onwards i'm going to try to be a responsible blogger!!

So i'm starting my personal challenge!!

I'm going to blog daily for.......

who knows how many days!
but i'm going to set a record! hahaha!

and i urge you to join me as well!

If you're interested, leave your blog name and blog url at the comments...
I'll put them under my BLOGGER CHALLENGE side bar...

 i think this can help you to build a daily habit and gain more readers!

 i'll visit your blog daily to see if you post daily as well!
 *stalking mode on*
DO SCOLD ME if i don't blog daily!!
and also if i blog shitty daily posts too!

i'm a DO-M!

PS: i hope i remember and blog tmr! >.<


  1. I love reading your blog and I feel the same way. Sometimes I can update 3-4 times a day but these days I feel so lazy that I also leave my blog like its dead :( I want to do this but Im afraid I wont be able to! I'll check your blog everyday for updates :)

    1. thank you honey! you're so sweet!!

      Join! if you didn't follow, i'll just HUNT you down and whip you!
      hahahaha jkjk!!

      anyway i love how your blog looks!
      so clean and neat!! >.<
      mine is like a unfinished jigsaw puzzle!

  2. wow i am looking forward to that *_*
    i would love to challenge too, but for me it would be better to start with one time per week ahahaha :(( so lazy

    1. hhahaa you're sooo cute!! <3 i'm lazy too >.<

      followed u on bloglovin! =D

  3. Replies
    1. putting u in there soon~!

      thinking of ways to make that sidebar stand out more!

  4. Looking forward to more post from you! Hope to see more tutorials! Your lash application tutorial was a real lifesaver for me I used to hate how my lashes looked so droopy before! I didn't know I was applying them wrong!

    I'd love to join but unfortunately I'm sure I won't be able to do it everyday because of my schedule and commitments.

    More power to you and your blog! <3

    1. thank you!! i really love all the comments that you wrote for me!

      i'm really glad that the lash application tutorial helped you!! i used to have that problem too! and it made my eyes look smaller and heavier >.<

      shall think and see if there's any more tutorials that i could share!!

      more power~~ <3

  5. Hey Kelly!
    Wow, what a challenging challenge, if that ever make any sense lol!
    I totally know how you feel about this! A lot of times I really feel the strong urge and passion to want to update my blog but it is just so difficult because of work commitment! :( But seriously, if there is a will, there is a way and this can definitely be done! It's abt time management!

    Definitely am considering this.... And good luck with yr challenge! :3 I will be sure to check your blog!

    1. hey pearlin! thanks for the comments!!

      thank you very much for the encouragement too!!

      but why you NOOOO JOIN?

      it would be fun!

    2. Haha! I think I will start small. Update once a week lol

  6. Hi Kelly! I'm a new follower and I just thought I'd drop by to tell that I looove your blog♥
    I discovered you from Harajuku Kawaii TV, you were so adorable in it ! I hope to someday become as amazing of a blogger as you are and to blog in Japan as well(ღ˘⌣˘ღ) you're so lucky to get to hang out with the coolest Harajuku girls !! haha, take care~
    xx Anni

    1. OMG thank you soooo much!! <333


      i'm sure you will be! your blog is awesome! so harajuku!!

      love your hair and outfits btw!! <3

    2. nooo omg thank youuuu<3 ;A; ah I'm so happy you think so dh;fhjk<3

  7. Hnnnggg Maybe I'll try this challenge too! CHALLENGE ACCEPTED~
    I've had the same problem that sometimes I can't write at all and then theres stuff for 3 different entry...

    I'll also try personal "comment more" challenge since I'm so bad at commenting to posts. XD
    I think that I've never commented on your post even though I've been follower for a while already ;__;

    1. I'll be checking your blog and making sure you blog everyday yo~~~~


      adding your url to the sidebar soon! <3

  8. HAHA this is interesting! looking forward to your everyday stories!

  9. So tempted to join but really, I have blogger's block also XD And time constrain as well > <
    Let me think about it first and I'll tell you if I decide to join as well XD

    1. BLOGGER BLOCK!! omg.. i didn't take that into consideration..

      but i guess this challenge will train our blogger brain

      sure sure! always welcome!

  10. I would really love to join but school is keeping me way too busy :( Good luck in this challenge!!! :)))

    1. i know right!! >.< school and work!!

      ganbatte for both your school and blog ne! and ur cca ne!

  11. Looking forward to your posts dear! :)
    Can I join after my exams? hehe

    1. DEFINITELY!!! join join join the challenge! hehe

  12. I am sooooo soso happy that you are going to be posting once a day X3 I follow a lot of blogs and yours is my absolute favorite! I love reading your posts and I always feel disappointed when I see the same post at the top of your blog for a week or so Q.Q I'm sure you'll be able to do it!! (^O^) I believe in you!!!~~


    1. OMG rei!!

      thank you sooo much!!
      i'm so sorry to blog so inconsistently previously!!

      i'll ganbatte from now on! hehe

  13. Hey Kelly!^^ Really great blogger challenge you have set! I need to blog more too.. neglecting due to mountains of assignments! I love reading your blog though. Always full of gyaru fashion <3 and am glad to see more of your posts~ xD Isshoni Ganbatte xD

    Here is my url^^

    1. Hi!! yes cheryl! have already added you in! <3

      Please blog everyday! i'll be checking!
      Your link will be removed if you don't blog daily! hehe

  14. I want to join >.< but I think I can't blog everyday due to my parent's restrictions from using the PC everyday(saving energy and money >.<) maybe when I start working and earning money. :((

    I love your blog Kelly! especially the blog posts of yours that are about your trip to Japan. I miss JAPAN :(
    Gambatte ne on the blogger challenge Kelly! :)

    1. yes sure!! you're always welcome to join!! <3

      thakn you sooo much!
      yes i miss japan too!!
      i hope to be able to generate more japan related posts next time! <3

  15. Omg!!! Definitely the hardest task ever for every blogger.
    Thinking of joining but this promise can't be done easily... hmmm.... >.<

  16. I definitely know how you feel kelly! I tried to do a daily blooging challenge earlier this year, but I failed ;3; (some pretty serious stuff happened in my personal life so I had to take a break ;3;) But things are getting better now! And I really want to update my blog frequently again! :D I think I will join this challenge and do it with you!! (and hopefully I can finish my other challenge while I am at it :3) Good luck Kelly!!

    btw, my blog is ^-^

    1. COOL! welcome to the challenge. your link will be up soon!!

      let's ganbatte for this one together!

  17. thats nice!!!
    i want to join too~ but i'm not a blogger kind of blogger though haha! is it okay?
    would be nice to be working towards something non work related in life :-)

    1. NO PROBLEM!!!

      and you're a blogger kind of blogger ah~

      at least i love reading and following ur blog! hehe

  18. Challenge accepted. I have been lazy too. Any topic u want to blog so can do a theme blog together!!

  19. I'll try this challenge, too haha Need more life on my blog and that seems like the right thing to start something ♥

    My blog: ;)

  20. Awwww interesting challenge!! Hehe seems nice to read your everyday post! Hahaha wanna try it too

    my blog : but in Thai -.-

    1. It;s okay!! i alwasy read your blog for your photos anyway! <3

  21. My exanm's done~~~ sooo count me in ~!! <3 ;D

    Thanks Kelly-chan~ <3

  22. Count me in too please, thank you! You can put my name as Lovelle Ng. :) <3

  23. Hi! I'm stalking your blog lololol.
    Can recognize me? The one that ask you about puffy eyes & eyebag lololol.
    I'm also quite lazy to blog & i always save drafts,but then.....i realize when i wanted to blog,i ended up blogging negative stuffs or either no topic to blog bout,OTL.
    Anyway i shall try blogging daily ,"TRY". But i think i'll fail trying :@
    Anyway,I SHALL TRYYYY since i got many challenge but like dead over many years hahaha!
    MAD LOVE YOUR BLOG *run and hide* :B
    *fan girl mode*

    iBlog @

    1. Hello =D

      yep yep ganbatte ne!! =D i'll be checking daily!

      thank you for supporting my blog!

  24. Definitely going to take up your challenge!!
    Add me at! :)

  25. I'd love to try this challenge along with one of my favorite bloggers (even though I'm always busy/ lazy) this is my blog:

  26. Hello! Hahaha, after looking at other bloggers doing the daily challenge & giving it much thought, I decided to join also lah! I hope I'm not too late. Still can join right? O.O

    I blog at! You can put my name under Iisjong lah hahaha. & I will also be at the Bugis+ fashion show as a model, so see you! ;D

    1. hi Iisjong!
      i think i bumped onto you quite often during events right?

      okies dokeis. adding you in!!

      btw, nice blog skin!

  27. helloooooo! i've decided to take up this challenge too!
    hope i can make it through though. >x<

    1. adding u in now =D

      ganbatte ne!

    2. arigatou! (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚*
      hai! ganbarou! (ง •̀_•́)งfighting!

  28. Challenge accepted~!! ^___^ My blog is


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