Sunday, April 21, 2013

Snaps of Larme magazine...

Hello everyone!

Remember me expressing my love to LARME magazine in Japan and back in singapore again?

yes i'm madly in love with that..
i would be more than willing to do a monthly subscription for LARME magazine
unfortunately.... it's not available =(
but i'll definitely order #004 when it's out...

I'll be sharing today.. the very issue i fall in love with...
issue #002

I love how they arranged the photos
how the photos were taken
how every part is decorated
how they manage to make their models look sooo duper kawaii...

and one thing...
I really admire the editor..
She started this idea all on her own..
She designed the whole magazine (#001) on her own.
She called up to modelling agency to arrange photoshoot with the models..
She did everything on her own..
because she want to create her own type of magazine...

and now...
i'm in love with LARME

PS: now she got her production team supporting her already~! so happy for her

as promised...
here's some of the snaps!!

issue #004!
I'm waiting for you!!


  1. Oh thank you for posting the contents of Larme, I saw it in Kino a few days ago and was curious because it said Amo was in it! :)

    Super cute, hope this becomes more widely accessible (aka jmagazinescans!!!! ; ;)

  2. ahh i love haruna kojima~ she's my second favourite in after itano tomomi~
    and amo is such a doll *U*
    i suddenly feel so thankful to be a girl so i can doll up and feel pretty. haha!

  3. This is perfect! Arrggh, I need it in my life now~!

  4. the magazine truely looks amazing!

  5. I haven't heard about this magazine before. But it sure looks really good! Maybe I should consider about ordering one copy someday~

  6. I only survive reading online copies of Japanese magazines.
    This is the first time I've heard of Larme!!! Thanks dear :)

  7. lovely girly magazine I ever seen!
    thanks for sharing it,dear!


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