Thursday, April 18, 2013

Today's topic... Dark eye circles

Hello everyone..
Today in, i'll be taking about DARK EYE CIRCLES!!


I got dark eye circles...
I think i'm born with dark eye circles..
hahaha. even my eyelid seems pigmented.
sometimes, teachers will ask if i'm wearing eyeshadow cause my eyelid pigmentation was that bad.

But it was never a big problem for me cause i can always cover them up with concealer..
if everything fails, there's photoshop (wahahaha)

Nevertheless, since everyone wants to be a natural beauty..
let's learn how to get rid of these nasty undereyes!

Do you know that there's 3 types of dark eye circles?

Which type is yours?

sadly, mine is brown..


Causes : Bad circulation thus leading to blue colour under eyes.
Also causes by lack of sleep, tiredness due to stress, sensitivity to cold.
Hormone imbalance, smoking as well.


1) Hot-Cold towel to improve circulation

Start with hot(40~42degree celsius) towel 30seconds ---> Cold towel 10 seconds ----> hot towel 30 seconds ----> cold towel 10 seconds

2) Lymphatic Drainage

Press the dip behind your collar bone 

Causes : Normally due to swelling or slackening of fats. It can also be causes by ageing skin that has small wrinkles and slacking of fats. This is the most common type.

Solution: 1) Gentle Massage

Using the first joint (proximal interphalangeal joint) of your index finger, gently press on down the above points! (NOTE: GENTLE! NO PAIN!) Hold for 5 seconds for each points, do 3 sets.

2) Massage training
10 times each

Causes : Pigmentation, dullness of the skin. Normally caused by rubbing eyes, allergies. Especially for those who are prone to pigmentation

1) UV protection
Apply eye cream often!

2) Gentle and delicate movement 
Don't rub your eyes, remove eye makeup gently!

And here's the conclusion:



  1. this is soo helpful! thankyouu! im the black (dark circles) type, so yeah :L new follower here! :D

    1. thank you!
      heheh i'm glad you like the post!

  2. Replies
    1. good for u!! the treatment all looks sooo comfortable..
      i think i will go back to sleep with the hot towel on. heheh

  3. Thanks for this! Definitely referring back to this (:

  4. Im brown too. T_T Oh no...

    1. IKR !!
      we can only prevent prevent prevent..

      hahahaha.. but u can try hakubi c... helps in whitening =D

  5. Super helpful kelly!
    I don't have dark circles but this is good information hehe

    1. OMG!! i'm so envious!! >.<
      if i dont have dark circles, i probably wont put foundation out at all..

  6. I have dark eye circles too ;__;
    Here in Finland they also say that one cause is lack of vitamins~ C or D if I remember right. So I'm trying to fix my own circle lences with extra vitamin pills~~ (And make-up :D eheh)


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