Friday, May 31, 2013

GSS hauls: Lovely dresses with lovelier discount!

Hello everyone!!

Great Singapore Sale (GSS) is a period of time when girls go crazy and guys go mad..

cause there's too many great deals in TOWN!

I popped by at JRUNWAY yesterday
and they've already started their big sale..

and when i say..
big sale...


so regardless of how budget i've got to be (i'm saving up for japan again!)..
i couldn't help to purchase these sweet dresses!

luckily, they didn't buy a big hole in my wallet!

both SGD$19!!

if you are following me on my instagram (@kellykonomi), you would have known the original prices already!!

First dress i bought is from a cute Japanese brand, who's who gallery!

I fall in love with the cute blue checkered dress right away after i tried it on!
Not only does it look cute, it's super super comfortable!!

hahaha it looks really sweet and innocent!

the discount is MIND BLOWING!

So.. i've saved $110!!

another reason why i love this dress is because...
you can wear it in 2 ways!!

another cuter and more playful look!

this is also a simple trick for all my oversized dresses..

but i guess most of you all will be more interested in the next dress

because it's PUTUMAYO!!

a super super popular lolita brand in JAPAN!

This dress is too cute!
I feel like alice in the wonderland. hahaha

saved $240 on this! O.O

It comes with a super big bow that you can clip on!

can be used as a headband

or just a decora clip on!

super super kawaii!

Finally, a lolita dress from putumayo..
i think it looks really sweet for a baby doll lolita photoshoot!

and also...
i'll be working part time at Jrunway soon!!
Earn money for Japan trip this June!

I absolutely love helping girls doing makeovers and suggesting interesting outfits for them.
i think it would be really fun working there this month!!

And also..
i can't wait for my june japan trip!! >.<
it's so going to be so fun too!!

they've got many $19 good deals!!
lots of 50-70% discount too!

and if you see me there, remember to say HELLO!
i can help you choose clothes too!
OMG.. it's going to be sooooo fun!


Thursday, May 30, 2013

Introducing magazine : Used mix!

Hello everyone!

As many of you know.. recently my fashion style is more geered towards harajuku fashion!!

so, other than zipper and kera.. what magazine do I read?

today I'm going to introduce some of the kawaii girly style magazines!

Seda and used mix!

This girl is so cute!

Natsume super cute!

Their makeup is more natural and sweet!.
I'm really amazed by how pretty Japanese can look even with light coloured makeup.

Love their hair do too!.

so, is sweet used mix the magazine for u?

I personally love their fashion style!

sweet and applicable in Singapore!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Harajuku Kawaii TV again!

Hello everyone!!

I'm back to blogging again!
Sorry for the late of updates!!

and yes!! thank you harajuku Kawaii TV soooo much for inviting me for the KPP in Singapore HKTV shoot!!
It's soo fun to be on HKTV again!!

and all the girls there are soooo kawaii!!

Super love the three japanese girls! they are so hyper and cute!!

Hopefully there will be another episode coming soon!

and thank you all the people involved in this shoot!
thank you for giving us your precious time to do some interview!
thank you HKTV for shooting in Singapore!
Thank you Asobisystem, SOZO and crooner for organizing KPP concert!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

How to slim your legs

Hello everyone!!

Today's topic is on How to slim your legs...

To be honest, i've never thought of that i would have this post in my blog cause i always bear a complex towards my calves...
It's alwasy flabby but muscular at the same time..
not exactly how i like them to be... 

But.. recently i've got comments from readers/friends saying that my legs have slimmed down so i'm going to do a post on it! (but still not like okarie or any of the models haha)

to be honest, i think the photographer did photoshop my legs in my Mar2012 photos

but still, it's fatter than now.

so. how to slim your legs?

1) Lose weight.
i lost about 6kg from last year.

(before you start saying that i should stop dieting.. i've stopped dieting quite some time ago.. but recently i get sick really often so i keep losing weight.. need to eat MORE when i no longer vomit after eating too much)

2) Half body bath

(38 to 40 degrees celsius of hot water bath but only submerge till your stomach area)

this was actually highly recommended to me by the models.
they not me that they hardly go exercise as it will build muscles..
so they rely heavily on half body bath daily to slim down.

It works for me too!
I've been doing that daily when i'm in japan and my legs really got slimmer..
a little slimmer than present still!!

a few days after starting my hot bath...

3) Walk, the correct way

-credits :

You need to activate your hamstrings... stand up straight and straighten your knees when walking.

Try to walk big steps!

And if you're wearing heels, try to put weight in the middle of the foot and not your toes!
putting too much weight on the toes will cause you calves to be bulkier!!

4) Massage

this is one of the collaboration video with 2b alternative years ago..
i massage my leg daily with 2B alternative and it did get slimmer!

but normal massage will help to improve blood circulation for your legs and thus reducing water retention!

5) Sleeping socks

wear pressure sleeping socks to sleep!
helps to reduce water retention!!

other than all this physical methods, there are ways to make your legs LOOK slimmer instantly!

Will do a blog post about that too!


Sunday, May 19, 2013

Review : Bifesta Makeup Removal

Hello everyone!

[Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post]

Today i'm going to review on my favourite makeup removal..
I've been using it for more than one year and i've been loving it so far.
but it's only recently that i realised how much i can't live with it...

I ran out of my bifesta makeup removal sheets 2 weeks ago but i always forgot to repurchase it..
so i used XXX brand makeup removal for the time being since they are both makeup removal sheet, i didn't expect much of a difference..
but to my suprise, pimples like popping up!! O.O
which makes me wonder if bifesta is the reason for my relatively good skin all these while..
so.. i decided to do a review on it!

Water based cotton cleansing sheets that not only remove your makeup thoroughly but tone your skin as well!

It is gentle, refreshing and oil free!!
So the after feel is fresh, clean and comfortable!

it removes makeup effectively!!

 Thoroughly removes makeup without the need to rinse off or double cleanse with facial wash!!

SO clean!!
What i really really really love about BIFESTA cleansing sheet is that...

it contains toning and moisturizing actions for the skin as well!!

SO.. after a long day, you just need wipe off your makeup with bifesta..
and u can go to bed!!
no need to walk to the basin to wash your face and then put toner, moisturizer again!
hahaha. perfect for lazy people like  me!!

what's more awesome is that...
it can slough off dead cells!!
just like using an exfoliator!

so what i normally do is...
remove makeup with bifesta makeup removal sheets, then put a cooling facial mask..
watch a bit of anime.. remove the mask and go to sleep!

it's sooo convenient!!

 46 sheets for $15.90!
to remove full makeup, one sheet is enough!

and because i was soooo in love with bifesta..
i went to buy their eye and lip makeup removal!

this is really recommended for those who have a lot of waterproof eye makeup!

you know sometimes...
there's just a bit of eyeliner that is on your skin even after you cleanse your face...

NO.. don't rub them vigorously with removal sheet!!
it will cause wrinkles!!

just use this! hahaha

Even with super super a lot of dollywink eyeliner, it can all be removed with a gentle wipe!

another photo to demonstrate how light you actually need to wipe your eyes...

 no need to rub!!
see the smiley face is lifted up by the makeup removal!
all clean!

Really really love and trust bifesta products..
now.. i will reguarly check my bifesta stocks. hahaha

seriously, go try it if you can get them!
I assure you that you will like it!

[Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post]

Do like them for more information and promotion!


Thursday, May 16, 2013

what's ur recent fashion obsession...?

Hello everyone!! 

I went shopping after my short filming session today...

And I suddenly realised that ive been purchasing a lot socks and leggings!! 

It's my recently obsession!! 

and since ive only one pair of feet.. I think I did overbuy a little..

But they are really kawaiiiii 

So with... just a few hours to shop today...

I got myself...

Three pairs from uniqlo

This bunny face from topshop

And this kawaii burger socks. Remind me of seto chan hehehe

And... some of u have been asking...
I actually bought my star leggings from daiso 

I'm a huge fan (cheapo) of daiso leggings!!
because I'm afraid that expensive ones will tear after wearing them for a few times..
So buying from daiso, wouldnt feel the pinch when it tears...

And also, daiso has got alot of designs!!
love them all.


So this is my recent fashion obsession..

What's urs?

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Introducing New Gyaru friends in Singapore

Hello everyone!!

recently, we have a shibuya gals event..

and we invited new senseis to come!!

(Gyaru sensei is a gyaru blogger who is good in doing gyaru makeup, hair and styles! gyaru sensei will also be joining our shibuya gals sg events to interact and teach our shibuya gals fans!!)

It's so fun to see so many kawaii girls in Singapore during out previous event!! Im really sorru we couldnt accommodate more girls for the event!! 

I'm sure many of you are curious about the new senseis of year 2013 right?

And here's somekawaii ootd shots of them!(*¯︶¯*)
Credits to noriaki tsuchiya san from

This time round we have decided to group them into different styles ; sweet, mode and shibuhara..

Other would be easier from.shibuya girls fans to identify and follow their favourite styles!!

First up, sweet gyaru

sweet gyaru are those who loves florals, laces and ribbons!
bascially anything that make them look as sweet as fairies hahaha

so here's the new sweet gyaru in shibuya gals!

kawaii yo ne~

also in sweet gyaru we have...

lacey, ribbons, pink.... our sweet gyaru...

and next style..
is mode style..

undeniably mode style is gaining popularity in japan and singapore!!

so... we have our old bird old buddy golly as our mode gyaru that day

Golly from

and a new style that was previously named as POP gyaru....
 we have SHIBUHARA gyaru!!

it's like a combination of shibuya makeup and harajuku dressing style!
it's really popular in japan now! kyary pamyu pamyu and tsubasa masuwaka are some of the examples of shibuhara girls in Japan!

yes, another of our old bird usual gyaru sensei, Peiting from

kawaii tattoo stockings! and i love her velvet shoes!!

and last but not least..
urs truly..

also in the shibuhara team~

And we as appointed shibuya girls sensei will try our very best to bring the lateat and cutest trends to you all!!

please continue to look forward to our events

And thank you all for supporting us from last year
It is a really fun community to be in with you all!!

Ps: we are always finding kawaii gyaru senseis in singapore to join us in our future activities!!

(*^﹏^*) hehe and judging from the previous event!! I think soon our shibuya gals students will join us in shibuya gals senseis!!



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