Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A trip to Ikea : Out with no upper falsies!!

Hello everyone!
Sorry for the late update on labour day!

hehehe was having dinner with my family!!

a few days ago, i went out with my family again...

we went to IKEA to get some furniture...

well, whenever i'm out with my parents.. i'll be in minimal makeup..
my parents do not like walking doll following them behind all the time.

I used to remember myself saying...
if you want to go out with minimal makeup, might as well don't makeup..

well most of the times i don't put on makeup if i need to do minimal makeup (i'm that lazy)

but i guess with my new light coloured hair, i would look really like a pale ah lian without makeup..

so here's my minimal makeup look!

basically with no upper eyelashes, no foundation and no contouring...
blusher is a must!! if not, i would still look like a zombie..

yes, super normal looking

really love the mirrors in IKEA~!
and there's sooo many of them!
i know it's silly but i always secretly do a peace sign to myself whenever i walked past the mirror section

for kelly's little room, i bought the green rug~
kawaii yo ne~!

wanted to get some flowers but...
i'm afraid my room will look like a garden/kindergarten.

cause i've got sunflowerSSSS in my room already hahahaha

now a qns for all of you...

IF u can only apply a single makeup item, what would that be?

mine would be blusher..
cause i will look very sick without one..



  1. You are doing damn well keeping up with daily blogging (°∀°)b

    Love your bag haha, so cute!

    Single makeup item would be... eyeliner! To look more awake XD

    1. i know.. it's still quite tough for me though!

  2. mine would be eyeliner~ i love how natural yet 'there' your lashes look with mascara!

    1. i think you would choose eyeliner too! =D
      cause your skin looks fab already!

  3. You look cute even w/ minimal make! :-D Hmm, I'll go for a lip tint! It instantly brightens up the face! :-D

    1. oh yes!! it looks natural too!
      i was thinking between lip stick or blusher.. but i dont really like the lipstick glossy look!

  4. You look super cute even with minimal makeup!!!

    Concealer for me. Without concealer no amount of makeup can save my dark eye circles ;_;

    1. thank you!!!

      ya hor. remember u saying about dark eyecircles. hahaha

      i'm afraid of mine too =( but mine looks like smudged eyeshadow so it's not that bad..

  5. Mine would be BB cream 'cos my skin is really bad :(

  6. I love going to Ikea too, there is always lots to see but I haven't been in a while. I guess mine would be lip tint, I really like it at the moment and it
    adds a natural flush to the lips :) I like your cat bag as well.

  7. you look always pretty no matter what!!
    Nowadays I'm too lazy to put any make-up on...eek! >_<
    If I could use only one make-up product, it would be my BB cream.
    cuz it makes my skin look more flawless~

    1. thank you!!

      yes yes i love those bb cream that has a dewy effect in it. =D

  8. You look great without much makeup on! Very cute! For me, concealer! I need that for my dark circles!

  9. I haven't been to IKEA in such a long time. I love decorating rooms though ^-^ Its a passion of mine. I love to figure out new DIYs for my room c: It is so much fun!

    If I could chose only one makeup product it would have to be eyeliner. My skin is okay and I naturally have pink cheeks. I feel like eyeliner makes the biggest difference X3 It really makes my eye look bigger.

    Btw, I am just letting you know that I have nominated you for the "Versatile Blogger Award". It's meant for the people that I follow or find interesting \(-^w^-)/ Here is the link to my post :


    1. i love to decorate my room too! but it's just getting messier and messier hahahaha

      OMG... that's soooo nice!! >.< i want naturally pink cheeks so badly..
      my sis told me that by pinching ur cheeks daily, ur cheeks will be pink permanently..
      so i kept pinching. but it didn't help! wahahahaa


  10. Oh mygoodness you are a freaking adorable normal looking girl if anything! haha I like you without lashes as well!

    1. thank you!!

      heheh thank you!
      but falsies are much convenient hahahaa. i guess i'm still a lash addict! hehehe

  11. I love the outfit! And I wish i looked that great without makeup lol.
    I could never go without eyeliner. Ever.

    1. never ever? that's so admirable!!

      i went to school with no makeup at all everyday. hahaha. i guess i'm too lazy >.<

  12. look so cute like a 14yrs old girls! Hehe super young without false lash!

    1. ya =) and without high heels look smaller! >.<

  13. Replies
    1. yep!

      but my camera TR150 beautify my skin automatically! hahahaha

  14. Omg if I choose only 1 then it would be BB cream or eyeliner.. Can't choose cause these are too important to me '_'

  15. BB cream! Unless my skin condition is better than it'll be eyeliner!

  16. this nearly no make-up is cute on you too ♥
    i'd choose mascara or eyebrow powder for me.
    i am from germany and have originally red hair, so my lashes and eyebrows are really light.
    stay like 2 meters in front of me, and you wouldn't see it ><! because it's so light.
    so i would pick one of these...


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