Wednesday, May 22, 2013

How to slim your legs

Hello everyone!!

Today's topic is on How to slim your legs...

To be honest, i've never thought of that i would have this post in my blog cause i always bear a complex towards my calves...
It's alwasy flabby but muscular at the same time..
not exactly how i like them to be... 

But.. recently i've got comments from readers/friends saying that my legs have slimmed down so i'm going to do a post on it! (but still not like okarie or any of the models haha)

to be honest, i think the photographer did photoshop my legs in my Mar2012 photos

but still, it's fatter than now.

so. how to slim your legs?

1) Lose weight.
i lost about 6kg from last year.

(before you start saying that i should stop dieting.. i've stopped dieting quite some time ago.. but recently i get sick really often so i keep losing weight.. need to eat MORE when i no longer vomit after eating too much)

2) Half body bath

(38 to 40 degrees celsius of hot water bath but only submerge till your stomach area)

this was actually highly recommended to me by the models.
they not me that they hardly go exercise as it will build muscles..
so they rely heavily on half body bath daily to slim down.

It works for me too!
I've been doing that daily when i'm in japan and my legs really got slimmer..
a little slimmer than present still!!

a few days after starting my hot bath...

3) Walk, the correct way

-credits :

You need to activate your hamstrings... stand up straight and straighten your knees when walking.

Try to walk big steps!

And if you're wearing heels, try to put weight in the middle of the foot and not your toes!
putting too much weight on the toes will cause you calves to be bulkier!!

4) Massage

this is one of the collaboration video with 2b alternative years ago..
i massage my leg daily with 2B alternative and it did get slimmer!

but normal massage will help to improve blood circulation for your legs and thus reducing water retention!

5) Sleeping socks

wear pressure sleeping socks to sleep!
helps to reduce water retention!!

other than all this physical methods, there are ways to make your legs LOOK slimmer instantly!

Will do a blog post about that too!



  1. thank you! That sounds great!

  2. more this kind of blog post! ^^

  3. Thanks so much for this Kelly! I have really thick muscular calves, so these tips can help me greatly! I never thought taking baths could help

  4. Thank you!! Going to try this out tomorrow :)

  5. I'm going to have to try these out! I've always been worried about getting bulky muscles from wearing heels so often. I'm going to try like all of these now haha.
    It's lovely to see gyaru getting more popular in Singapore. gyaru seems to be growing around the world~

  6. Yay! Thank you for this post! x

  7. how long do you bath for each time? 

  8. Too many women are actually scared of putting on weight from muscle training. In fact you won't bulk up, and the muscle training will burn the surrounding fat, making them look slender.
    Good for calves too.

    1. I also prefer the March 2012 leg shape in the picture. More curvy and sexier. Thin straight legs with little shape is not too feminine. In my opinion.

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