Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Introducing New Gyaru friends in Singapore

Hello everyone!!

recently, we have a shibuya gals event..

and we invited new senseis to come!!

(Gyaru sensei is a gyaru blogger who is good in doing gyaru makeup, hair and styles! gyaru sensei will also be joining our shibuya gals sg events to interact and teach our shibuya gals fans!!)

It's so fun to see so many kawaii girls in Singapore during out previous event!! Im really sorru we couldnt accommodate more girls for the event!! 

I'm sure many of you are curious about the new senseis of year 2013 right?

And here's somekawaii ootd shots of them!(*¯︶¯*)
Credits to noriaki tsuchiya san from

This time round we have decided to group them into different styles ; sweet, mode and shibuhara..

Other would be easier from.shibuya girls fans to identify and follow their favourite styles!!

First up, sweet gyaru

sweet gyaru are those who loves florals, laces and ribbons!
bascially anything that make them look as sweet as fairies hahaha

so here's the new sweet gyaru in shibuya gals!

kawaii yo ne~

also in sweet gyaru we have...

lacey, ribbons, pink.... our sweet gyaru...

and next style..
is mode style..

undeniably mode style is gaining popularity in japan and singapore!!

so... we have our old bird old buddy golly as our mode gyaru that day

Golly from

and a new style that was previously named as POP gyaru....
 we have SHIBUHARA gyaru!!

it's like a combination of shibuya makeup and harajuku dressing style!
it's really popular in japan now! kyary pamyu pamyu and tsubasa masuwaka are some of the examples of shibuhara girls in Japan!

yes, another of our old bird usual gyaru sensei, Peiting from

kawaii tattoo stockings! and i love her velvet shoes!!

and last but not least..
urs truly..

also in the shibuhara team~

And we as appointed shibuya girls sensei will try our very best to bring the lateat and cutest trends to you all!!

please continue to look forward to our events

And thank you all for supporting us from last year
It is a really fun community to be in with you all!!

Ps: we are always finding kawaii gyaru senseis in singapore to join us in our future activities!!

(*^﹏^*) hehe and judging from the previous event!! I think soon our shibuya gals students will join us in shibuya gals senseis!!



  1. Woah everyone looks amazing ! I'd love to join in the shibuhara team if I lived in SG :')

  2. I like Golly's pose in your 1st OOTD photo, lol!
    (9th photo in this post)

    1. hahahah yes thats so candid!

  3. These styles are soo cool♥I love the tights very very much.
    LOVE Patty♥

  4. Aw you're such a cutie <3 You look a bit like Kyary except I think you look prettier haha-- ;; nooffensetokyaryoranything I really like this style, though my fashion is more vintagey and classic u w u Thanks for posting <3

    Please check out my giveaway!~ :

  5. All looking so pretty in the different styles! Really loving your hair and style recently asdfghjk ♡

  6. All the girls look so cute and pretty! <3

  7. everyone looks amazing!

    by the way, is there anyway i can see/use the whole album of photos noriaki tsuchiya san from took?

  8. Thank you for visiting my page!
    This is certainly a fun event to be in! Every girl there is just so gorgeous, I hope more girls in SG would be more willing to doll themselves up and be like you girls!
    Love your outfit and your hair! You're so adorable~~~~

    Clarie C.


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