Sunday, May 19, 2013

Review : Bifesta Makeup Removal

Hello everyone!

[Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post]

Today i'm going to review on my favourite makeup removal..
I've been using it for more than one year and i've been loving it so far.
but it's only recently that i realised how much i can't live with it...

I ran out of my bifesta makeup removal sheets 2 weeks ago but i always forgot to repurchase it..
so i used XXX brand makeup removal for the time being since they are both makeup removal sheet, i didn't expect much of a difference..
but to my suprise, pimples like popping up!! O.O
which makes me wonder if bifesta is the reason for my relatively good skin all these while..
so.. i decided to do a review on it!

Water based cotton cleansing sheets that not only remove your makeup thoroughly but tone your skin as well!

It is gentle, refreshing and oil free!!
So the after feel is fresh, clean and comfortable!

it removes makeup effectively!!

 Thoroughly removes makeup without the need to rinse off or double cleanse with facial wash!!

SO clean!!
What i really really really love about BIFESTA cleansing sheet is that...

it contains toning and moisturizing actions for the skin as well!!

SO.. after a long day, you just need wipe off your makeup with bifesta..
and u can go to bed!!
no need to walk to the basin to wash your face and then put toner, moisturizer again!
hahaha. perfect for lazy people like  me!!

what's more awesome is that...
it can slough off dead cells!!
just like using an exfoliator!

so what i normally do is...
remove makeup with bifesta makeup removal sheets, then put a cooling facial mask..
watch a bit of anime.. remove the mask and go to sleep!

it's sooo convenient!!

 46 sheets for $15.90!
to remove full makeup, one sheet is enough!

and because i was soooo in love with bifesta..
i went to buy their eye and lip makeup removal!

this is really recommended for those who have a lot of waterproof eye makeup!

you know sometimes...
there's just a bit of eyeliner that is on your skin even after you cleanse your face...

NO.. don't rub them vigorously with removal sheet!!
it will cause wrinkles!!

just use this! hahaha

Even with super super a lot of dollywink eyeliner, it can all be removed with a gentle wipe!

another photo to demonstrate how light you actually need to wipe your eyes...

 no need to rub!!
see the smiley face is lifted up by the makeup removal!
all clean!

Really really love and trust bifesta products..
now.. i will reguarly check my bifesta stocks. hahaha

seriously, go try it if you can get them!
I assure you that you will like it!

[Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post]

Do like them for more information and promotion!



  1. Awesome!! Might buy one of these products! They look so effective!

    1. yes u should try it!! it's really awesome

  2. Awesome post Kelly :DD but I have a question cause I've been looking online for the makeup eye and lip remover and there are a lot of different ones! Is it the eye makeup remover or the bright up cleansing lotion? They say they both remove makeup and your bottle looks white. The eye makeup bottle looks blue while the cleansing lotion looks white. I'm so confused haha.

    1. Hi!!

      sorry for the misleading photo
      Its eyemakeup removal!!

  3. Good post. ;3;3 ^~^


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