Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Review : DollyWink Mascara New Formula

Hello everyone!!

Today i'm going to do a short review on some of the new items of my favourite brand...


yes! They renewed their mascaras!!

Black Mascara Long

Black Mascara Volume

Tsubasa-sama kawaii ne~!

This new formula have a natural shine in it!
Furthermore, it can be removed with just warm water!!

and the most awesome thing...

it lengthens and thickens your lashes to an unbelievable level!

I'm sure there's many dollywink fan who are crazily in love with their old formula already..

but i assure you... 
the new formula is a must buy too!!

Looks how much both lengthens my lashes
I prefer the new formula as it clamps less and looks longer!!
and my lashes still feel very soft and light!

recommended for those who have long but droopy lashes as this formula holds the curls very well!!

i love it!!

To be honest, i hate doing mascara reviews as my natural lashes are really short and hardly visible..
but after using this, i've got the courage to flaunt my lashes!

my mother even thought i'm wearing falsies!

It's not sold in Singapore yet..

but it's coming soon~!

Will i buy it again?


  1. Wow looks good! :)
    Can't wait for them to be released

    1. Ohh forgot to add,
      I've nominated you for the versatile blogger award <333

  2. I haven't even gotten around to getting the old formula yet and there's a new one! The new one definitely looks like it doesn't clump as much! Excited *__*

  3. Seems to be really good at lengthening! =)

  4. this would go perfectly with the heated lash curler i got from modelco! :) I've heard a lot of good things about this mascara. I rarely use mascara since I have really sparse lashes also but I think with the new lashcurler and this Mascara, I can opt not to wear falsies on "off" days now hehehe <3 Thanks!

  5. your lashes are so long~<3 Cant wait for them to ship to sg!:3


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