Friday, May 3, 2013

Videos + More photos of the Bugis+ Star Style Blogger event

Hello everyone!!

I'm back with video and more photos of the event!!

yes! as promised, the video is up!!

first up...

camille in sweet style!

instruction : walk slowly like a doll

next veron~

You're a dreamy child who loves her teddy bear

next eleanor~

Sweet sweet loving child =D

and they are supposed to do the merry-go-round turning before the next model starts walking..


kawaii right!

next, terumi~

beautiful slayedoll~

next the boyish style..

camille with a different wig!

funky veronica~

cute and sporty eleanor~!

the skate board is very heavy!
thank you for posing with it so kawaii-ly!

next, naughty vernessa~~!

kawaii yo ne~

next next, terumi~

next, cool slayedoll~

love her legs~ >.<

you girls are awesome!


PS: i've received a lot of question on! thank you all so much!
for some makeup related qus, i'll do a video response!
so you might have to wait for a while!


  1. This is such a cute fashion show! Good Job!!! I really like Slayedoll look ^_^

    When you get a chance...please check out my sunglasses giveaway! Thx! ^_^

  2. you girls are sooooo cute! wish i was there!


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