Sunday, May 12, 2013

#whatpubertydidtome post

Hello everyone!!

recently i've seen a lot of #whatpubertydidtome post.. so i'm inspired to do one for my blog too!

I realised i've got very little photos last time as compared to now..

but here's my timeline

 Pearly (wearing the tie) and me!
when i'm 7 years old..

that time.. my sis was the head prefect, top student etc..
and i'm just a super super short girl... who carried such a big and heavy bag that is almost 1/2 of her size..

In secondary school...
i'm the one in white...
i think this is the period of time when i've got the high self esteem... (even though i've got splitting fringe and messy hair..)

My sis (green) and me~
we are JANIOTA..
which means johnnys' otaku..
we love those idols sooo much that we pretty much put in our attention and money into them and their concerts! wahaha
that explains the lack of motivation to dress up etc! wahahaha

In junior college (17 years old)
With my secondary school to Junior college besties...
hahaha still besties now!!

well.. i think i'm like 10kg heavier than i am right now..
i still remember we used to meet early in the morning to have very heavy breakfast!
like roti prata x2 and noodles for breakfast...
and a few hours later, school lunch break again...
and after school, we will go KFC...
and after that i'll go home and have dinner..

wahahaha.. that explains why i was sooo heavy that time.. hahahaha

I think what changed me...
is the second trip to japan..

when we got to go to popteen office..
and when we met yui kanno...


after that , we are more into makeup..
wanted to be prettier!
and just want to look as gorgeous as them!

purikura during that trip

and... i'm hooked to being gyaru!

and the rest of it...
is like playing with different makeup styles..

into super big eyed period...
many layers of eyelashes! hahah

into natural makeup

and another transformation is...
being friends with the harajuku models...

they taught and inspired us to be more harajuku!!

and our love towards harajuku fashion .... increase soooo much!!

and now...
i'm working hard to be more harajuku!!

to develop my own style! hehehe
and to be a full fledged harajuku girl!!



  1. it's amazing seeing your makeup and style evolve over time <3 keep up the good work! You look better and better each time! :)

  2. Heheh still super cute throughout :)

  3. You bloomed from being cute girl to beautiful(but still cute though!). And you look so slim, would never thought you were heavier than that, such a slim figure:)

    Btw has anyone told you that your sister and you look like twins?^^ reminds me a bit of Guri and Gura from Ageha hehe

  4. You've improved a lot!!!
    I'm too lazy to think about improving, but I would love to!!! >_<
    One day I'll be free of university stuff, I'll have money and I'll be able to improve and to do what I want!
    Keep doing your best!! ;)

  5. Aw, you've always been a cutie ^ u ^ This was such an interesting post. I enjoyed reading it~

  6. Hehe! You've always been super cute!! >w<
    Puberty was good to you... Puberty was good to you!
    ... Good job! :D

  7. pretty harajuku kelly! <3 love your style!

  8. what i see is a sweet innocent girl turn into gorgeous kawaii model :)

  9. OMG THOSE PURIKURAS! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA those carefree days after Alvls.

    We really love KFC alot back then.... and soft drinks in the morning >.<

    -Ah Qiao

  10. I think you've already gotten the look all together! You were still very cute when you were younger!


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