Sunday, June 16, 2013

Announcement + OOTDss + jdiary

hello everyone!!

sorry for disappearing for quite a while..

had a small exciting news to announce....

i'll be going to japan in a few days time!!
thanks to the help of many kind souls who made this trip possible and memorable..

and yes.. will be blogging daily during then!!


we will be producing kawaiiSG in japan series!!
will try to produce as many short clips as possible so you guys can experience and feel every little part of japan!

sooooo happy and excited for this trip!!

*fingers cross*


sorry for the lack of update..

had been busy working and preparing for japan trip...
not to mention, falling sick in between.. (SIANZZZ.. WHY I ALWAYS fall sick..)

but.. here's some ootds when i was working!!

which one is ur fav?



another video..
about a photoshoot that was done... many many months ago...
well exactly 2 months..

i can't believe my fashion preference changed so quickly...

oh.. i'm fickle minded??



can't wait to blog/vlog about japan!!


  1. first outfit is my favourite ♥
    also love the hairstyle!!

  2. I dunno bu tlast one!!! everything looks great on you. You are like my inspiration to lost weight i really want to be skinny * w *

  3. Take care of your health! And have lots of fun in Japan! :D

  4. i love all of your outfits! >w< So hard to choose xD Have fun in japan!^^

  5. Wow, have fun in Japan (^o^). I'll enjoy these clips even more since I'm leaving for Japan in January~~
    Aand my fav outfit is the 5th! It looks cool and also comfortable (^w^)

  6. Cuuteee~
    Have fun in Japan, and I can't decide which ootd is my fav, they're all so amazing!

    joyjoii+ {fashion, food, lifestyle}

  7. I like the second outfit! Love the shirt *.*!!
    I hope you have a wonderful time in Japan!!

  8. I like the first outfit! the hair is super kawaii! And the tee with the shark mouth is cool and yet cute with the cutting! Will Continue reading your blog! *Stalker Mode* hehe hope to be able to go Japan one day meanwhile will look through Japan now with your eyes Kelly~ Hehe Can't wait for your new posts. Do take care in Japan! Drink lots of water and rest well~ <3 Hehe ^~^

  9. Hey, Kelly! I love looking at your OOTDs cos they're all so pretty! Very Japanese street fashion <3 Also, I walked past you the other day when you were walking out of JRunway. You're so cute (oAo) wished I could've talked to you though. Anyway, have a safe trip!! Excited for you xD


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