Monday, June 3, 2013

my ghost stories

Hello everyone! 

im not sure why I want to share with u all my ghost stories.

Must be due to all the 'Asia ghost stories ' and 'celebrity ghost stories ' that ive been watching.


My stories happen in Japan.

(Some of u who have been following me for quite some time might have heard of these)

1. Hotel in Osaka 

This hotel is super super cheap and super huge (especially to me since ive been cramping in small tiny expensive hotels many days before this)

so we were really happy to have gotten such a Nice room for this price and it's super near shinsaibashi! 

First might.. nothing
Second night.. nothing

Last day..
We woke up to pack our stuffs to leave the hotel.

The toilet is locked.

0.0 yes, the toilet that could only lock from inside is locked. The door knob isn't those kind that u can press the lock and close the door type. 

So a bit freaked out, my sis asked if i went to the toilet yesterday night after slept. 

But neither of us remember going to the toilet and closing the door.

Then, whilst still freaking out, we called the maintenance..  he came and opened the door for us.. but we went in.. there 's dark red liquid in the bathtub.. (Nope, none of us is having periods)

so, we asked him what is it.
He said might be rust.

But there's no rusty metal parts in the toilet!! There's nohing above the bathtub.. unless its leaking from the bathtub itself.. which is pretty disgusting as well.

So, we hurried to pack the room and left.

2. Hakone hotel

well, it's as though we are not unlucky enough.. we went to hakone after checking out from the osaka hotel.

Not any better though 0.0

in hakone hotel, is super squeeze and we need to book two individual rooms.

We spent our time in my room till we are super sleepy then my sis went back to her room to sleep.

So.. I'm alone..
But it's not that bad cause after the hot springs we are really sleepy.

i fell asleep really fast..
At around 2am.. my room phone starts ringing..
so.. still drowsy.. I went to pick up the phone..

Nothing.. nothing from the other side..

And then I went back to sleep.

It rings again!!

I covered my ears with pillow and try to force myself to sleep..

But still, ringing and ringing and ringing...
Like at least 10 rings in the night.


it rings and rings and rings.. but surprisingly, I managed to fall asleep. Haha.

So the next day I didnt mention anything to my sis but just asked if her room had any weird happenings.

Till now, I've got no idea what's those calls.
Too cowardice to find out. Haha.

3. My bf 's experience

So the last one happened to my bf last year when he left for japan for training.

It's near mt fuji.

And they gave this a very nice cottage in the woods for him to stay..

It didn't help when I told him about the suicide forest in mt fuji before his trip.

So he placed his jade pendant near his door.

One night while he's surfing the net in his bed..
He heard the 'kak tak kak tak' from the outside. Like as though someone is trying to open the main door.

And then... 'clicked 'the main door unlocked.

then he heard heavy shuffling of the feet from the corridor..

Stopped right in front of his room. 

And then nothing... 

So quite freaked out.. he just stayed in the bed till the next morning..

(It's either a ghost.. a hobo.. or murderer.. haha)

then the next Morning, he saw his jade pendant hanging inside his room broke!!

something that protected him for a long time broke!!

and he went out, the main door was locked. 

So, he left his training place a few days earlier than planned. cause his pendant broke already and there's nothing to protect him anymore!


that's all..

Do u have ghost stories to share?



  1. whoa cool! I love those shows as well!
    I had this really weird experience when I got home really tired from med school -I went straight to bed. When I woke up, I went towards the bedroom door but I felt strange, like dizzy/woozy so I looked back and I saw myself sleeping on the bed.

    I don't remember what happened after that, just the really strange dizzy/woozy feeling was like my surroundings were blurred/hazy (hard to explain)


    1. Me too!! And ghost caught on camera .. I like that too!

      eEkkkk!! That's sooo weird!!

  2. Wooo I got goosebumps from reading your bf's story!

    There was once I walked through this quiet, deserted corridor next to the supermarket accompanying my bf to the toilet. Suddenly felt a strange numbness shock through my body. Never felt anything like that in my life before. I kept quiet. After bf come out from toilet, he say the toilet mirror is full of red paint and he felt uneasy. Then I told him about the numbness I'm still feeling. His mum said that I bumped into something. :X After we left that corridor, I am back to normal. *scary*

    1. eeeeeekkkkk!! why is there red paint on the toilet mirror?


  3. OMFG.. Your Bf's story.. I think I would have died there and then 0_0
    Crazy Freaky la!!!

  4. omg so scary ><!
    i have only one story!
    my granny, cousin and me went to paris and spent a few days in a very cheap hotel.
    one night (it was like 2 or 3 AM) there were scratching noises on the wall. it sounded like somebody scratched with their nails on the wall, in the room next to us.
    then suddenly it was at our door. it was so creepy
    i was the first to wake up, so i woke up my cousin (who was next to me) and he told me i was crazy when i told him, but soon after he heard it too!
    and then because we caused such a ruckus, our granny woke up and told us we were crazy XD but she then heard it too.
    she checked the closet and bathroom even, but nothing
    so we all went to bed again (i fell asleep with ipod loudest volume haha)
    but omg that was so scary TT

    1. OMGGGGG!! that's really scary >.<

      if it soft, it still might be someone scratching (but who will scratch the door in midnight??!?).. but if it's loud, it's super super eerie!!

  5. omg scary siaaaaaaaa T________"T

  6. Oh god :S i love ghost stories but i always make myself too scared :'D
    mmm... i think i have couple to share too.

    Once when my friend was younger she slept in downstairs in her sisters room of their house and in some point at night she woke up and saw some man figure standing in doorway and she just looked it and slowly close her eyes and fall asleep. in the morning she ask her father was he up at night and he said no... there was no other men in the house...

    And again same friend said that one night she heard some male voice whisper her name at night couple times from outside...but no one could be there so she was terrified...

    And one story what happened to my other friends mum... she was walking in railways and she noticed someone some way ahead of her. she walked and observers that... it moved just like her... she wave her hand and it waved too... it was horrible and she couldn't walk anymore to that direction because it was coming closer when she walked there... so she turn and leave.


    1. me too!! love them but too scared to sleep later at night wahahaha

      >.< urs are scary too..

      my sis experienced something similar to ur friend's... she was staying over at her friend's house.. then while she was falling asleep, she feel and heard a guy whispered really close to her ears, "OKAERI" (welcome home in japanese)

      but the thing is... there's no guy in the house..

      then her friend also reported that sometimes they will see man figure in the house... whom they can't recognise

  7. Omg, i´m reading those stories and there´s no one else at home and i´m so scared! :D Those are reaally scary! :o

  8. reaaaaaally smart of me to read this before sleep...I have some but not to scare myself I'll keep it in lol

  9. Replies
    1. IKR .. i still remember it clearly after so many years

  10. The one about your boyfriend is so creepy!! Maybe it was a drunk person who got the wrong room?

    Once I was staying in a hotel in Paris with my friend and it was night time and I was suddenly woken up by a bright light and I looked up and the TV was on and it was on static. I thought maybe the remote fell on the floor which turned the TV on, or there was a power cut which sometimes makes the tv turn on after the power comes back but I saw no remote anywhere so I lay there like WTF WTF WTF WTF IS HAPPENING. Then 10 minutes later the tv just turned itself off. It was so weird!! Then the next morning I looked for the remote and it was in a draw on the other side of the room. And later while my friend was out of the room, I heard scratching coming from the wall next to her bed.

    1. OMG!! super scary!! >.<

      YESS totally feel u!! i was WTF WTF when the phone rings too!!

      i initially thought i would ran out to my sis's room. but i guess when it really happens, it's just too scary to move

  11. family goes to Osaka quite often. What's the name of the hotel? Going to avoid it at all costs.


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