Saturday, June 1, 2013

On Harajuku Kawaii TV again!! *super happy*

Hello everyone!!

Yes.. as the title suggests, i'm on Harajuku Kawaii TV again!!

YEAH!! *victory dance* \(^u^)/

and yep!
i'm really elated!!
i think beyond grateful and happy!

hahaha and i'm sorry for running funnily in the video.
i didn't know it was filmed!
well, i did heard the manager chuckling when we ran there..

so... now i realised it's not just because we were chasing after them..
might be cause of the way i ran?? O.O

Still very happy that there's two episode dedicated to Singapore!

Please watch and support Harajuku Kawaii TV and the fashion scene in Singapore!!

Fashion is fun!

Before meeting so many inspiring people, i feel that fashion is just a necessity... the need to dress up for an event, dress up for a date... just to make sure that you don't look shabby and lazy.. sometimes, i'll feel so stressful cause i couldn't find a perfect piece for the event... sometimes, i hate what i'm wearing.. tried so hard to follow a popular trend but just couldn't make it look nice on me.. and then feeling really depressed on the lack of height/lack of sexiness/lack of many many things...

 it had somehow became a heavy DUTY for me to dress up..


but now..
fashion to me, is fun..
mixing colours, matching clothes..
trying new styles...
making new accessories..
imagining and drawing sketches of your tee shirt design..
thinking of what your next hair colour would be..
playing with old clothes and making them prettier...

fashion not only boosts your self esteem..
it can make you so happy as well..

i'm looking forward to choosing clothes everyday..

It may be why i fall so hard in love with street style now..
trends, body figure..
never seem to be bothering them..
they just wear what they like..
and always always always look very happy when it comes to explaining what they are wearing today!

fashion is fun!
-statement coming from a science student- 


DO remember to watch and comment/share/like!!

- let's be pretty together -


  1. I like your dress in the video!

    The black satin material make you look mature & sexy (>///<)

    1. thank you!!
      it's from jouetie!

      freaking love that brand!

  2. Wow! You are very cute!! (^_^)

    Xx Mo Xx

  3. You are tooo cute!!! You're really good at Japanese! I'm so jealous!! >.<

    1. Thank u!! But my Japanese is not fluent at all. Need to pause many times to complete much sentences. But I'll work harder!

  4. I saw the video 15 minutes after they posted it up on Youtube. I was like "IT'S KELLY!!!". I watched it immediately. You were so cute when you were running up to those girls and your outfit is sugoi!! I'm thinking of dying my hair the same as yours but my mom would kill me, LOL.

    1. Thank you sweetie!!

      yep my mum wanted to kill me. But was really fun and worthed it. Heheheeh

  5. How the fuck do you not even feel ashamed for being on the same show as zipper models?

    1. How the fuck do you not even feel ashamed for posting such a stupid comment?

      Oh, and judging from you actually knowing which magazine the models belong to, you must be a girl and that leads to the question, why are you so jealous of her achievement? Are you incapable of feeling happy for someone else?

    2. Thanks anonymous 2! thank u for standing out for me. Thank u so much!

      have a Nice day!

    3. So many non-Zipper peeps appeared on HARAJUKU KAWAII too showing their sense of Japanese fashion. Fashion is not just about famous people you know!!! WTF are you talking about? Kelly being Kelly is showing her love for Japanese fashion! What's wrong with that.
      Haters gonna hate

  6. Congratz on your appearance in Harajuku Kawaii again~ hehe.
    Btw, you're super cute <3 and I'm agree with you, fashion is really fun XD

    1. thannk you!!!

      btw your blog is soooo neat and pretty!

  7. Hey Kelly, congrats on being on Kawaii TV again!! And damn, I didn't know SCAPE has hair chalk too and partial clear shoes! Good idea on using it for eyelashes too! Never thought of that!
    Will be sure to check it out!

    And who let the siao ding dong out ah -.- (comment above). Scary!

    1. thank you!! =D

      got! daiso also. wahahahaha

      but i love the partial clear shoes.. so far, bugis dont have leh..

      hahahaha.. always got people who will be like that one.. haix...
      maybe u win jstar, i will be so sour with jealousy too! hehehe


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