Monday, July 29, 2013

3 years 1 month + more about my bf

Hello everyone!

I feel like i havent been blogging about my daily life for a long time..

So today i'm going to blog about my 3 years and 1 month date with my boyfriend, keith!

And also answering some questions that i've gathered from curious readers/friends throughout the years...
hahaha. surprisingly, a lot of the readers are curious about our love life. wahaha

i once had this super super super cute reader telling me on my how she/he dreamt about my bf and i...
that we went to a competition and we won...
but then we couldn't rush back etc...

it was a long long story, long long dream i guess

anyway.. back to our 3 years 1 month date...

we went to tsubohachi at bugis+
(cause everywhere else is packed >.<)

they have super cute watami seats where you have to take off your shoes..

 (my transparent shoes are from SPINNS harajuku)

 me playing the hp (like always hahaha.. bad habit! )

and food time!!

because he's not into food photography.. he always eat before i take photos =.=

my kimchi nabe set!

really oishiiiii~

and some random Q&A:

 How long have you all been together?
3 months 1 months 4 days

 Where and how do you all first met?
Akibanana maid cafe. he was my customer (goshujinsama)

Who confessed first and how u/he confessed?
he confessed first.
he brought mount faber park after an expensive meal at the jewel box
confessed to me with a ring (omg. like a proposal) and threatened to throw the ring away if i don't want it. hahaha.
but of course i want la, i like him ma..
and cause he sucks so much at the first confession (half of the time, i don't really understand what he was saying.. in my mind, i was like... "okay i get you.. so?? so...? when can i say yes?")
but he just go on and on saying about how he would throw the ring etc.. hahaha
so i just snapped and asked if i could wear the ring wahahaha

then after that, we went to sentosa and he did the whole confession again cause the first time was too FAIL..

 why do you call him keithy?
=3= cause it's cute hahaha

 Why is it that even though he's ur bf, he has got so many photos of your sis in his instagram?
well, he likes to take unglam photos of her and post it online.

Is he your first boyfriend?

any more questions?

oh ya.. and on the same day...

 i went to pierce my ear >.<
ouch ouch ouch!

actually i had 3 holes, but they all closed up years ago...
so being as vain as me, i've decided to pierce again...

still as painful as last time
i guess i've got low pain tolerance.

i temporarily forgot about my pain by indulging in BLACK BALLS

my favourite dessert

sometimes i eat this for lunch too..


well, that's all we do in a date..
i guess we are getting too old for monthly surprises..

just kidding!!



  1. i miss your life posts~~ really enjoyed this one! ♥♥♥

    your dark bob frames your face and make it smaller :O aww dolly~

    anyway you made a spelling error in the answer for 'How long have you all been together?
    3 months 1 months 4 days'

    1. lol. I just saw it!! thanks for informing meeee!! <3

  2. aww so cute!
    my twin sister's bf's confession was a fail he said "do you want to be my BOYFRIEND?!?" hahah when he should say "GIRLDFRIEND". and i heard he was shaking to open up the card that he is about to read to my twin sister!! haha

    please check-out my blog too : )

    1. that's soooo cute!!

      I think I will be laughing if my bf said that.

      but... hmmmm. I guess it's really nerve wrecking to confess! I can't imagine myself confessing to a guy! hahahaha

  3. I really like your hair style! It's so cute and gives a really dolly look.
    Anyways, congratulations on being together for so long. It's really rare to find people who are together with their firsts for such a long time. ^ u ^
    You guys look very cute together. : )

    1. thank you!

      ya.. I find it amazing that my first turns out to be my last. hahaha

  4. awww you both are so cute ^^ long last, Kelly-Keith!

  5. That's really sweet >w<
    Me and my bf started being in serious relationship about 3-4 years ago also.
    But even it's 'serious',we don't get to see each other that much...meeting for just 3 days after knowing each other for 6 years is not actually 'not that much' XD
    I really wish to make a sweet post like this but there's no way I could,I'm so jelly of you!! XD
    Anyway,congratz and hope you two always stay happy together ^^

    1. hahaha. <3 hope you'll have a sweet and long lasting relationship!

      hehehe. I think my bf and I are just too clingy!! >.<

  6. congratulations kelly ♥
    may your love with him last a life time hehe

  7. You and your boyfriend are super cute.
    The first confession still sounds adorable even though it was fail!
    Hope you many more months/years of happiness with Keithy!

    1. yep he really failed hahaha. but that makes it really memorable!

      thank you so much!

  8. Kelly this hairstyle looks so good on you!
    Congratulations to you and your boyfriend! many years to come <3
    The confession thing sounds cute and funny hehe

  9. aww thats soo cute!!! love your outfit, hair and make-up!! i need to practice more...hahaha...


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