Sunday, July 28, 2013

[Review] Lavshuca Happy Playing Cheek blush

Hello everyone!
Today i'm going to review about this highly raved lavshuca Happy Playing Cheek blusher!!

I bought one recently cause i'm a sucker for blush!

and i really love its pigmentation!

within a few weeks time, it has climbed up to one of my favourite blushes!
(and i've got a lot of blushes! haha)

i got myself RD-1 since red makes your complexion looks better..

what i love about it is that it is highly pigmented..

just with one application, u can see it!

it's really recommended for girls who want a natural blush..
as you can see, if you applied it once, it would look really natural..
blends really well with my skin colour...

also as it has less shimmer as compared to other blush i used, it looks more natural and yet lifting up your cheekbones at the same time..

but this is how i usually apply it

and it lasts throughout the day!

this is how i look after going out for the whole day!

however, the only thing is that...
it's not readily available in SINGAPORE!! >.<


digress a little.. just in case anyone asked me how i go them...

I got mine from an online shop which helps to ship cosmetics to Singapore!!

They are selling this blush at $23!

They sell a lot of japanese cosmetics that is not available in Singapore!!
so do visit the website if you want to get some japanese cosmetics!

also, they can help you buy specific makeup items in japan!
if they can't find them, they will just refund you your money!
it's really convenient!

they are selling this washable makeup base as well!
have been using this since my previous previous japan trip!
recommended by YURA!! <3 p="">

you can apply this before putting on makeup and all your makeup will be removed when you shower!

normally i will still use bifesta to remove all my makeup.. but i used this to further ensure that all my makeup is removed (for the peace of mind. wahahah)


hold your breath darlings....

they can get you JILL STUART too!!

for just $30!!

pretty much!! i wanna get them!! >.<

so feel free to visit them to find what else do they sell!

PS: not an advertorial.. 



  1. i have this jill stuart lipbalm you showed! (i mean..common this package is super adorable...)
    BUT i have to say it's the best i used till now ^^

    the blush looks really good!
    and i really love this dark hair on you
    can't say this enough ♥

  2. oh wow this blush looks really pretty on you! I love your new haircolor btw :) it makes you look really pale/fair like snow white <3

  3. Great review! The blush looks really good on you! You look gorgeous :)


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