Tuesday, August 27, 2013

*drumroll* Cosplay photos!

Hello everyone!

i've just participated in my first cosplay for the year last sunday~!

it's actually my second time cos-ing

and i did a really bad job on trimming my fringe
later you'll see.

oh and.. this is a photo spam post!

So i cosplayed with lovely erika (purple hair) and cute tora!
We did

Mayoi Neko Overrun

They are soooo cute!

Well, i don't usually do cosplay because i find that cosplayers have to put in a lot of effort in every single detail ._.

but this time round, i've got erika and tora to help me out.

so basically the only thing i need to do is choose which buyer to buy from, make my own socks and hair bow and... cut my own wig (which i failed haha)

but many thanks to them for this cosplay!

plus they are so super cute hehe

nevertheless,i've always enjoyed cosplay event.

cause i get to see many of my favourite anime characters!
and i'll get to drool on kawaii girls!

one of the super super kawaii girls i've met during the event is little vivien!
she's sooo tiny!
so super cute!

me standing beside her.
i'm 158cm btw
she's only 138cm!
omg so cuteeee!!

erika and i bending down to her height
sooo cute right!

uber cute. i'm turning pedophile

her size... kawaii neee~!

she and her partner are cosplaying WENDY and GREY from fairytail

super cute!
and Grey has got abs!! 

i met my old school mate too!

but sorry i've got no idea what's she cosing hahah
i don't watch a lot of animes =3=

her eyes are gigantic! 

and one of my readers..
she's super friendly and funny!
apparently we always crossed path but have never met each other before.
once was with dollywink, another time was at jrunway

thank you for coming down! hehe

also met some of my gaming characters!
she's so awesome! she hand sewn/knitted everything!

and from the zombie killing game.

sooo difficult to kill! hahaha

saw KPP cosplay too

and dragon ball!

kamekame haaaa~

asuna is so pretty!


ironman.. and.. i dunno who... ahahha
sorry sorry...


of all the characters i have seen on that day...

no one... 
yes not even little vivien...
can be compared to her level of kawaii...


the most kawaii girl i've saw in the event hall...

pikachu auntie!!

she's soooo cute!
i went over to ask if i could take photo with her.

and she turned around to take her pikachu hat

and stood there smiling happily! hehehe

after that, she asked if she looked cute in the photo!

auntie u super cute la!

i really had fun last sunday!
everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves!

more random photos:

the number of photographers vs one cosplayers

although it's really flattering to be taken photo of, it's quite intimidating..
endless flow once u stopped and posed..

and sometimes u just don't know which camera to look into...

but other than the weird uncles (60++) taking their mini digital camera and keep filming, all the photographers are really nice..

and the photos are really nice too!

went to cineleisure to lunch.

touched up our makeup


the random masked mannequin that looks like someone staring at us.
esp so during cosplay event hahaha 

my beauties resting

i'm tiredddd~~~
slept at 4am the night before
hahaha cause i was playing clay =3= ehhehe

yes stupid looking bangs

after the event with my bf

purikura machine has got the best lighting hahaha

the ugliest moment 
wig cap time

photos by the professionals

love the photos!


many thanks to all the people who came to say hello!
many thanks to photographers 
many thanks to all the cosplayers 

many thanks to erika and tora! hehehe

somebody asked so...

I'm using 

upper eyelashes
Spring heart 11 gorgeous volume


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