Wednesday, August 21, 2013

[Annoucement] Dolly Wink New lashes in Singapore now!

Hello everyone!
I've got an exciting update for you!
especially all the lovely dollywinkers in Singapore!

The limited edition Dollywink Brown lashes are here!
You can find them at any watsons store!

They comes in three lovely designs.

Full version

Brown version of Dollywink 11 (which is also my favourite)

Half version

 Brown version of dollywink 15.

lower lashes 

This is brand new design!!
I know it looks like no.13 and no.5!!

but no!!

The ends are 'fluffier' than no.5
But not as thick as no. 13

And its mad pretty!

My love.
I'm a huge huge fan of dollywink lower lashes and thus, this... is madness for me!!
I'm going to stock this up!
Lovely light brown colour! I couldn't help but exclaim that dollywink(tsubasa-sama) is a genius.
the brown is in a shade that is JUST NICE!
not too dark to cast a shadow and not too light to make your eyes look small.
prefect for girls who love light makeup!
Do you know that brown lashes/mascara/eyeliner actually make your eyes look less harsh and more feminine?
I love them all!
I already bought one set for myself and i'm definitely going to buy more....
and STOCK UP!!
i'm not kidding about the stocking up!
this is limited edition!!
they wont be producing anymore! >.<
sold out means sold out!
Even in Japan, it's limited.
Luckily the Jcosmeland managed to get stocks for all the Singapore dollywink fans!! *thank you a million times*
it's super limited too!
Only a few pairs (3-4 pairs) in most watsons!
*PS: more stocks in Bugis and Ngee Ann City*
So hurry and grab some for yourself!
And if you like them, do remember to stock up!


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