Saturday, September 28, 2013

New Hair --- Going black, temporarily...

Hello everyone!\\

I was just at Headlines Hairdressing a few days ago to change my hair colour...

because it's autumn, i really want to change it to black colour...

but.. like what everyone is saying, once you go black after bleaching, it's really hard to change to a lighter colour anymore.. you would have to bleach and bleach and bleach your hair again..

ultimately lead to a super dry hay. hahaha

vainity is overpowers everything..

so i requested Jerry to dye black...

he was opposing it at first but after thinking for a while,,
he seemed to come up with a perfect solution...


it's not as strong as permanent hair dye and it contains nutrients to keep your hair smooth and tangle free!

HOWEVER, the colour will not last long...

but it's okay for me, cause i think i need time to consider whether i should adopt black as my long term hair colour...

and after the nourishing hair colouring process...

i got my smooth black hair!!

absolutely recommended for girls who bleach their hair before and are currently fighting the urge to change to black hair...

it probably fades in a few weeks, but at least it gives you time to consider whether you want black or continue to change colours.. hahha

mine lasted quite long, so far.. it's still as shiny black as before..

black and cassie (raspberry brown or purple brown) colours are in season now!

turn temporarily black with me! hehehehe

and it makes your hair look soooo smooth!

love it!!

if you wanna know more, or book an appointment with the JERRY...
here's how:

Call : 6221 6866

ask for JERRY!
(off on tuesday)

Do remember to like their facebook page for update of promotions!

Or you can always QUOTE my name for discount!!

love you,


Monday, September 23, 2013

[Sponsored Review] My date with Tokyo Bust Express

Hello everyone.

Recently I’ve been invited to Tokyo Bust Express to try out their services.

I’m excited to try it out as I’ve been hearing so much about them from other bloggers. Many of them are elated with the increase in cup sizes in one session!

Not to mention, they are all natural and also the largest bust enhancement centre with the most number of outlets!!

With my recent weight loss, my bust size has been drastically reduced…

The saddest thing is that regardless of how much I’ve tried to gain some weight back, my bust size never returns….

I used to be a D-cup...
Then reduced to a Japanese size D-cup
Then to Japanese size C-cup
And it all just keeps getting smaller… and smaller…
To be honest, I’m quite concerned about the descending trend since I’m going to gym again to tone up soon. (cause I’ve successfully gained back to my normal weight range!)

I’m really worried that it will be reduced to nothing

So, I’m really glad to be approached by Tokyo Bust Express to try out their services! HEHEHE

My first appointment with them started with a consultation session.
My specialist, Kelly, patiently explaining and answering to my doubts throughout the session.
While explaining the anatomy of the breast, Kelly reassured that it’s possible to maintain/increase bust sizes even during diet/exercises.

To put it in layman terms…
When you lose weight, fats will be gone which explained the reduction in bust sizes.
However, if your milk gland/mammary gland is nourished, even with weight loss, your bust sizes will not reduce drastically.

After the detailed consultation, she did a personalized bust analysis for me.
Sadly, other than small, my bust is spreading outwards. (HOW SAD CAN MY LIFE BE~~~)

However, she said that I’ve got many mammary glands (though they are not nourished) so it’s not too bad.

Thus with regards to my concern, Kelly customized a treatment that gives nourishment to my mammary glands and firming treatment that will make my bust looks perkier~ hehe

The ingredients they used for the treatment are all natural and therefore very safe for the body.
Their essence are rich in phyto-estrogen which will help to make you busts look bigger and firmer!
It also reduces bust related issues like cysts and cancer by boosting circulation!

Fenugreek Seed Extract
- An unique herb rich in phyto-estrogens
- Found on Eastern shores of Mediterranean.
- Frequently used in preparation of pickles , curry powder.
- Known to make women produce more buxom
- Aids in hormonal production & facilities the development of mammary glands which feeds on

Mexican Wild Yam Root
- Excellent source of beta-carotene and diosgenin which are powerful phyto-estrogens
- Recommended for hormone replacement therapy
- Humulu Lupulus ( Hops Flower)
- An Eurasian scrub rich in flavonoids
- Remedy for boils, bruises, calculus , cramps, cough, cystitis , fever, fits, insomnia, rheumatism and

Dang Gui Root ( Chinese Angelica)
- Highly respected Traditional Chinese Medicine
- Help balance women’s hormone levels
- Restraining and supplementing the body’s production of estrogen
- Used to treat menstrual & menopausal symptoms
- Shown to assist body in efficiency using hormones.

Pueraria Mirifica ( White Kwao Krua)
- Native herbal plant
- Found in deep forests of northern region of Thailand
- Contains high level of phyto-estrogens
- Preserved feminine longevity
- Bust enhancement
- Firming and tightening breast
- Nourishing skin, keep skin supple, smooth and brilliant
- Help prevent breast cancer.
- Stimulates estrogen-sensitive breast tissues
- Help enhance breast mass

And their treatment room is so pretty!
Changed and ready to go for my treatment~
*boing boing*

The treatment started with a relaxation massage 
(omg, this is seriously so nice… especially when she presses down on my shoulders)

Then a scrub to remove skin cells for better penetration.

Followed by the bust up therapy, a massage with the phyto estrogen rich essence helps to improve
blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. Also providing nutrients to the mammary glands at the sametime!

Some of my friends commented that this massage is painful… but I find it so comfortable that I fell
asleep while my therapist is doing it… hahaha

Next, my tiny busts are being pampered by U7 ultra sound therapy that will improve penetration of the nutrients!

Then, like how our face are being pampered after a facial, my busts are being pampered by double
masks! 1st enhancement mask : helps in moisturizing the breast texture and enhance the shape. The 2nd use TAKA MERU MASK which help in stabilizing the shape!

And after the pampering treatment…
I’m glad to say that it works!!

A – before
B – after

My breasts have become firmer!
Not only that, the bra that I wore on that day became really tight!! >.<

After that, Kelly advised me to drink more water and explained that even though the results are visible after 1 treatment, a few more sessions will be required to sustain the results.

But I’m very happy even if it lasts for a few days… at least I know that my busts have got the capactiy to grow! Hahah

TO my pleasant surprise, it lasted all the way to my next visit ( a week later!) HURRRAYYY~!!
And my second visit was again, *ahem* an enlarging session. hahaha

Looking at the testimonial given by the customers, I believe that one day my testimonial will be there too!

Cause I’m so convinced by their all natural bust enhancement treatment that I’m going to be their
regular customer!

Exclusive promotion:

DO you want to be part of the Tokyo Bust Experience and witness the difference
yourself? Simply answer a simple question and stand to win 6 bust volumiser
treatments (worth $1688) FREE!

Call 6262 6161

Terms and Conditions to apply:
- Females above 18 years old
- - Strictly by appointment only
- - Promotion Valid for 2 months

-City Square Mall
180 Kitchener Road #B2-39 Singapore 208539
-Park Mall
9 Penang Roa#11-06 Singapore 238459
- Nex Mall
- 23 Serangoon Central, #03-32 s556083
- - Novena Square 2
- 10 Sinaran Drive #B1-111 S307506

PS: you really have to try it yourself to know how awesome it is!
So, go to the link and answer the question!

You might just be the lucky winner!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

[Tutorial] My current fake lower eyelashes

Hello everyone!

Today i'm finally going to blog about the much requested lower eyelashes tutorial!!

I know a lot of you requested on instagram and my blog!
Sorry for dragging it so long..

but here is it~~~~

I find this combination great for girls who don't have lower eyelashes...

but long for those natural looking mascara coated long lashes~

yes, me...

I always envy ayumi's long lower eyelashes..

but sadly, i know i'll never have them...
even with lower eyelashes extension, cause my lower eyelashes are non-existent

i've decided to create my own long looking fake eyelashes like ayumi's!
 *hers are real*

After many tries, i found the best combination!!

So, as requested...
i'm sharing my favourite combination with you all!

hehehe is it realistic looking enough?

I like them really long as it helps to enlarge the eyes further!

but if you want to look natural, just one coat of mascara will do!

This is also a great way to "re-use" your dirty lower fake eyelashes as the coat of mascara will cover up everything!

PS: please use good mascaras as you'll probably be re-using this pair quite often and you definitely wont' want your lashes to smudge every single time you use them..

PSPS: I'm using dollywink volume and long mascara (new formula)



I'll be having a mini workshop with SASA x dollywink x clearlash this saturday!

I'll be demonstrating how to do a natural looking and dolly looking makeup look!

Do come down to SASA bugis junction to support me!

2pm to 4pm!

ALSO, if you RSVP-ed to shibuya gals event page, you will get a free goodies bag!
it consists of limited edition items and also DOLLYWINK retail size items as well!!


RSVP here:

Just click JOIN!

You're all the more welcome to ask me question there!
and i know there's a lot of you who have problems with lower lashes!
I can teach you personally how to apply them on after demonstration!

see you there!



Friday, September 13, 2013

Clay tutorial + Giveaway contest : Alice in the wonderland Watch

Hello everyone!

I've got quite a few tutorials requested by my readers...

and i didn't had time to clear all of them off..

but here's the first one...

Alice in the Wonderland Personalized watch tutorial...

Disclaimer: This tutorial does not contain the tutorial for the charms.
I'll make a tutorial for that one day!

but with this whip cream formula, you can paste any of your charms and personalize your very own watch!

I've made a few watches!
Sharing some of my work with you all!

I've got something for you all to participate in!



Just send in your designs to me and i'll choose my favorite one out of all the entries!
I'll make them just for you!!

Don't worry if you're not good at art!
I suck at it too (pure science student since secondary school)

lol, this was my draft for the Alice in Wonderland watch..
i drew it on S memo. 
i did change a lot.

another design that i've yet created.
Not using whip cream but hot glue as the base (so it will look like melting ice cream)

this is more of the funky look!

SO any design/type will also interest me!

Just send in your design (JPEG files) to my email by 22/9/2013

you can draw it on paper/paint/illustrator/smemo etc!

Personalised watch giveaway:
1) Design and draw your own watch
2) Please draw with colours or labels! You can also design your own hanging charms!
3) Save them in jpeg file
4) Send to

Ends on 22/9/2013!

International giveaway!

(PS: if i feel that it's necessary (size problem, my skills problem etc), i would change the design by a little)

Even if your design is not chosen, i might complete them and sell them during my free time! ^u^

PS: Watch is in pink/purple colour!


PS: if you wanna purchase the empty watch, please email me at 
i've got a few extras!

Monday, September 9, 2013

How long do you take to prepare yourself daily?

Hello everyone!

Yesterday, i did something really random.
i timed myself for the amount of time i need to prepare myself to go out...

When there's a magazine interview, i normally gave an estimate of 30-45minutes for my makeup duration...
but can i really finish within that time?
hahahaha, actually i wasn't that sure.
that's why i've decided to time myself this time round!

1. Start
2. Shower
3. about 10 minutes for a shower
4. Put on lens
5. Skin Care
6. Starts makeup

 7. Finish base make up
8. Took 15 minutes for skin care and base makeup
9. Finish makeup, dress up
10. All done for 1hour!!

which means i took 50minutes to do makeup!
i've beeeeen lying for years

when i do my hair?
i'll normally blow dry my hair after skincare so that all those essences have got time to sip in before i start to put all the thick makeup. hahaha
normally in the car, i'll start to tie my hair etc
(i hardly curl them now)

Normally i spend the day before thinking of what outfits i'll wear tmr, so i've less hassle on the day itself.
can also prepare the required hair accessories in my bag beforehand.

although, it's longer than i've expected..
i find myself considerably fast as compared to my sister.

but still, i'm always late...

SO, how long do you really take to prepare?


(forever sick, just recovered from IBS, now having cold)

Friday, September 6, 2013

To fulfill your daily harajuku cravings..

Hello everyone!

Today i'm going to introduce a website that will definitely fulfill your hunger for more harajuku kawaii-ness!!

First of all, i would like to introduce this website.. 
which i visit almost everyday...

remember to bookmark it!

I go there to stalk for more harajuku related news...

stalk on models...
they've got this page (LINK: ) that collects all the latest photos from models' blogs/instagram!
And if you're interested to know more about the photo, just click on it and they will link you to the source!

You can spend hours just navigate on this page.
jumping from photo to photo!

Like all fashion website should have...
Asbs english has got their fashion snaps corner too!
I super love fashion snaps cause it gives me a view of the type of clothes i should bring when i go there.
Since Singapore is an eternal summer country, i don't really have experience in mixing and matching clothes for winter.
sadly, i always go japan during winters (cause of holidays)
but nevertheless, with the help of those fashionista on the website, i am always updated on what i should bring for my next trip.

so.. you might want to know why i'm always so lucky to coincidentally attend handshake events/opening launch etc?
cause i'm an avid stalker at the LATEST NEWS corner..
I keep a lookout of the events i can attend during the period when i'm in japan!

Also bookmark interesting places and items that i HAVE to visit when i go there next time.
(the name itself is cute enough)
not to mention, the model ambassadors are YURA and AYUMI! *kyaaa*


you can find out more here :

dessert buffet, candyland, monki store, harajuku exclusive stores, sanrio and many many more..

definitely in my bucket list.

Also, found out after visiting is

any lucky ones happen to be in japan during this period?

it's admission free.
but you will need to register beforehand.

you'll get to see kyary, silent siren, tempura kidz, UNA and many more!
not forgetting all the kawaii harajuku models!

and if you're going, please help me to take more photos!!
I've never been to Harajuku Kawaii fes!
always missed it! T_T
currently my homepage

Remember to bookmark it!
Maybe one day we will meet each other in japan attending one of the launch events


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

[Bangkok day 3] Basically.. my last day of shopping in bkk

 Hello everyone!!

I'm blogging about the third day of my bkk trip...

which is also... the saddest day in the trip...

I woke up early (actually due to a stomachache) and get prepared to shop at platinum mall in the morning!

 and my rarely-wakes-up-early-happy-bf surprisingly woke up happliy!

and we are all so excited to shop (well, maybe just me.)

so we headed for breakfast at MK restuarant!

 my green noodles!

he ordered small buns too...

it's really nice..
but sadly, i'm only able to stomach 2-3 mouthful before i went to the toilet to vomit..

even though i knew that i won't be able to shop for long, i insisted in shopping.

went to platinum

managed to cover 4th level, 3rd level and half of 2nd level before i'm too weak from the frequent trips to the toilet...

seriously, i live to shop. hahaha

then i went back to the hotel and rest..
well not exactly rest..
was in and out of the toilet..

the yuckiest thing was my black puke cause i had characoal pills

and that basically concluded my third day, forth day and last day in thailand.

i didn't even get to go massage~~~~


mata ne, bangkok.

[Bangkok Day 2] Met up with Nutchii + Japan Fiesta Cosplay event

Hello everyone!

On the second day of my bangkok trip, i met up with Nutchii.

She's one of my long time johnnys fan's friend and the longest readers of


We went shopping together at platinum shopping mall!
omg. it's super super cheap there!
and a lot of shop!!

after shopping for about an hour, covering only first level and 1/4 of the second floor...
we headed over to CENTRAL WORLD to meet up with my parents and have lunch together.

and the exciting thing is...

coincidentally, there's a cosplay event there.
it's called Japan Fiesta!

Knowing that Thailand girls are really cute, i'm really excited to see the cosplays!

one of the instagrammers i followed.

Cosplayer Onnies from thailand...

YES... how can i not be excited...
they are sooo cute!!


ciel looks like a doll~

sooo cute!

i personally find her really cute, though not knowing what character she's cosplaying.

she's soo cute too!
but too bad i only managed to capture her "Smirk" face 

SHE'S soooo sweet and nice..
she actually stared into my camera (small TR150) even when there's other bigger DSLR waiting for her... *tears*
thank you so much

she's soooo cool!

One thing you might realised is that...
there's a lot of characters from different anime being grouped together in a photo...
Not sure why also..
but i guess it started with one cosplayer wanting to take photo with another and then a group of photographers came raiding in to take photographs? hahaha


Other than being a total HJJ (hentai jiji = perverted old man) and took only photos of cute girls...
I did took a few photographs of awesome male cosplayers!

Not exactly awesome, but he stood there for me to take photo.. 
so i did.

Trust me, he didn't open his eyes at all.
this is not an accidental shot. haha

and the best cosplayer award goes to....

Cause it's freaking hot (33degrees) and he's in this oven like fur costume!

More photos of the event space:

After that, we went back to hotel to have a short rest..
and to rehydrate ourselves...

then nutchii and i went on a journey again.

she taught me how to take the local trains.

and we took to SIAM

to get the KRISPY KREME donuts!

My donuts!

I don't get why singapore only has got a few donut chains...

Please let Krispy Kreme (wish fulfilled, they are coming in October) and Mister Donut come to Singapore
I missed them dearly..

after which, we shopped around SIAM..

stopped by for some Cha la la bubble tea.

They have soooo many topping choices!

Surprised to see a massage/facial salon that is so open(?)
won't the clients feel weird?
i personally won't want to have my blackheads popped with shoppers walking by..

and we went to take PURIKURA(neoprints)

it's only 180baht! SGD$7

then after that we went back to hotel to meet my parents and have dinner at
KUANG seafood
(yes, again.. seafood.. maybe that's why i got an upset stomach)

super nice and soft oyster omelette

i love love love bangkok food.

i wanna go back so badly..
cause i missed two days of shopping and eating in bkk =(

i will go back.
wait for me my tom yam goong
wait for me my chicken blood
wait for me my boat noodle
wait for meeeee~~
i'll come back with a healthy stomach for you all one day..

sincerely deprived of thai food,


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