Tuesday, September 3, 2013

[Bangkok Day 1] Hello bangkok, Sawadeeee ka~

Hello everyone!

I've just came back from a short trip to BANGKOK!!

a small unfortunate event happened ,food poisoning, that caused me to waste the last two days of my trip on recuperating in the hotel.... sooo little shopping and sooooo little thai food !!

Nevertheless, i thoroughly enjoyed myself the first few days!!

 ON the plane with light makeup. haha

 On the tour bus sending us to hotel.
Look at the cute signs!!

Had a light lunch over at BIG.C food mart

 The chickens look soooooo big!

but disappointingly, those are fakes! 
*cheated our feelings*

But still super delicious!

 They provide hot water to cleanse your utensils!

 My dad bought these sweet deserts!
The one on the left that looks like big orange maggots in a soup is actually ginger soup bean curd with crackers.
It's so spicy!

After that we took a taxi down to Chinatown...

 Bangkok Jam

 Stuck in jam for about half an hour... T_T

After my parents went to get their favourite dry goods, we had a hearty meal at T&K Seafood!


What we ordered:

 Omg, tom yum goong.. it's sooooo nice!!
much more sour than singapore's tom yum!
love the strong taste!! 

 lime soup cuttlefish
should have gotten this after having the super sour tomyum cause it's so sour too!
but the cuttlefish are cooked perfectly, not too chewy

 The lovely fresh oysters.
50baht only!
which is like SGD$2!

Love the crispy fried garlic that comes with it!
Adds a different texture to the oysters!


after the delicious meal, we went back to the hotel.

because it's late already so we didn't get to shop around the fashion malls
instead, we went to the supermarket that opens till quite late..

 My mum choosing nail polish.
10baht each!!

 My crispy seaweed!

 rilakkuma chocolates!

 There's so many different types of chocolates that i've not seen in Singapore!
*except for crunky, bought it simply because i love it haha*

 so cute!

 banana choco!

 super stylish looking boxes of chocolates!

 Rilakkuma biscuits!

 Wide variety of chips!

O.O chocolate dip crackers?

 realistic looking fish on the fish chip wrapper

 crab chips

 One piece!
Honey lemon drinks

 Strawberry chopper!

lol. all the snacks we bought >.<

added up to 3000+baht..

but it's all worth it!
cause thai food are absolutely delicious!!

shall continue tomorrow while resting on the bed..
still having stomachache, runs and cramps 


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