Wednesday, September 4, 2013

[Bangkok Day 2] Met up with Nutchii + Japan Fiesta Cosplay event

Hello everyone!

On the second day of my bangkok trip, i met up with Nutchii.

She's one of my long time johnnys fan's friend and the longest readers of


We went shopping together at platinum shopping mall!
omg. it's super super cheap there!
and a lot of shop!!

after shopping for about an hour, covering only first level and 1/4 of the second floor...
we headed over to CENTRAL WORLD to meet up with my parents and have lunch together.

and the exciting thing is...

coincidentally, there's a cosplay event there.
it's called Japan Fiesta!

Knowing that Thailand girls are really cute, i'm really excited to see the cosplays!

one of the instagrammers i followed.

Cosplayer Onnies from thailand...

YES... how can i not be excited...
they are sooo cute!!


ciel looks like a doll~

sooo cute!

i personally find her really cute, though not knowing what character she's cosplaying.

she's soo cute too!
but too bad i only managed to capture her "Smirk" face 

SHE'S soooo sweet and nice..
she actually stared into my camera (small TR150) even when there's other bigger DSLR waiting for her... *tears*
thank you so much

she's soooo cool!

One thing you might realised is that...
there's a lot of characters from different anime being grouped together in a photo...
Not sure why also..
but i guess it started with one cosplayer wanting to take photo with another and then a group of photographers came raiding in to take photographs? hahaha


Other than being a total HJJ (hentai jiji = perverted old man) and took only photos of cute girls...
I did took a few photographs of awesome male cosplayers!

Not exactly awesome, but he stood there for me to take photo.. 
so i did.

Trust me, he didn't open his eyes at all.
this is not an accidental shot. haha

and the best cosplayer award goes to....

Cause it's freaking hot (33degrees) and he's in this oven like fur costume!

More photos of the event space:

After that, we went back to hotel to have a short rest..
and to rehydrate ourselves...

then nutchii and i went on a journey again.

she taught me how to take the local trains.

and we took to SIAM

to get the KRISPY KREME donuts!

My donuts!

I don't get why singapore only has got a few donut chains...

Please let Krispy Kreme (wish fulfilled, they are coming in October) and Mister Donut come to Singapore
I missed them dearly..

after which, we shopped around SIAM..

stopped by for some Cha la la bubble tea.

They have soooo many topping choices!

Surprised to see a massage/facial salon that is so open(?)
won't the clients feel weird?
i personally won't want to have my blackheads popped with shoppers walking by..

and we went to take PURIKURA(neoprints)

it's only 180baht! SGD$7

then after that we went back to hotel to meet my parents and have dinner at
KUANG seafood
(yes, again.. seafood.. maybe that's why i got an upset stomach)

super nice and soft oyster omelette

i love love love bangkok food.

i wanna go back so badly..
cause i missed two days of shopping and eating in bkk =(

i will go back.
wait for me my tom yam goong
wait for me my chicken blood
wait for me my boat noodle
wait for meeeee~~
i'll come back with a healthy stomach for you all one day..

sincerely deprived of thai food,


  1. You are soooo cute >o<
    Wow! You must have had so much fun!
    Every cosplayer is really pretty & amazing.

    1. thank you!!

      yes! all the cosplayers are amazing! not to mention keeping their "cool" in such a hot weather!


    1. COMING TO SG in oct!! u can go their website and register, they might give free krispy creme to your office!

  3. the totoro cosplay is so cute hehe :D
    and in my hometown is no donut chain too. one shop recently opened, and we are all happy to have amazing donuts now haha :D

  4. that mario dude was just.. @_@


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