Wednesday, September 4, 2013

[Bangkok day 3] Basically.. my last day of shopping in bkk

 Hello everyone!!

I'm blogging about the third day of my bkk trip...

which is also... the saddest day in the trip...

I woke up early (actually due to a stomachache) and get prepared to shop at platinum mall in the morning!

 and my rarely-wakes-up-early-happy-bf surprisingly woke up happliy!

and we are all so excited to shop (well, maybe just me.)

so we headed for breakfast at MK restuarant!

 my green noodles!

he ordered small buns too...

it's really nice..
but sadly, i'm only able to stomach 2-3 mouthful before i went to the toilet to vomit..

even though i knew that i won't be able to shop for long, i insisted in shopping.

went to platinum

managed to cover 4th level, 3rd level and half of 2nd level before i'm too weak from the frequent trips to the toilet...

seriously, i live to shop. hahaha

then i went back to the hotel and rest..
well not exactly rest..
was in and out of the toilet..

the yuckiest thing was my black puke cause i had characoal pills

and that basically concluded my third day, forth day and last day in thailand.

i didn't even get to go massage~~~~


mata ne, bangkok.

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