Saturday, September 28, 2013

New Hair --- Going black, temporarily...

Hello everyone!\\

I was just at Headlines Hairdressing a few days ago to change my hair colour...

because it's autumn, i really want to change it to black colour...

but.. like what everyone is saying, once you go black after bleaching, it's really hard to change to a lighter colour anymore.. you would have to bleach and bleach and bleach your hair again..

ultimately lead to a super dry hay. hahaha

vainity is overpowers everything..

so i requested Jerry to dye black...

he was opposing it at first but after thinking for a while,,
he seemed to come up with a perfect solution...


it's not as strong as permanent hair dye and it contains nutrients to keep your hair smooth and tangle free!

HOWEVER, the colour will not last long...

but it's okay for me, cause i think i need time to consider whether i should adopt black as my long term hair colour...

and after the nourishing hair colouring process...

i got my smooth black hair!!

absolutely recommended for girls who bleach their hair before and are currently fighting the urge to change to black hair...

it probably fades in a few weeks, but at least it gives you time to consider whether you want black or continue to change colours.. hahha

mine lasted quite long, so far.. it's still as shiny black as before..

black and cassie (raspberry brown or purple brown) colours are in season now!

turn temporarily black with me! hehehehe

and it makes your hair look soooo smooth!

love it!!

if you wanna know more, or book an appointment with the JERRY...
here's how:

Call : 6221 6866

ask for JERRY!
(off on tuesday)

Do remember to like their facebook page for update of promotions!

Or you can always QUOTE my name for discount!!

love you,



  1. you seem to suit any hair colour ^^ i'm contemplating whether to go back natural hair colour or keep colouring too...><

    1. i hope i suit any hair colour.. but sadly, not all!! >.<

      natural hair colour! let your hair rest and pamper them with lotsa treatments!

  2. Really cute!! ;3 ^^

  3. this color and cut suits you so well :) it makes me want to go black too!!! <3

    1. pmg!
      you will definitely look like a walking doll if you dye black!

  4. i love black on you ;A; suits you so so so good and looks so adorable ♥


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