Friday, September 6, 2013

To fulfill your daily harajuku cravings..

Hello everyone!

Today i'm going to introduce a website that will definitely fulfill your hunger for more harajuku kawaii-ness!!

First of all, i would like to introduce this website.. 
which i visit almost everyday...

remember to bookmark it!

I go there to stalk for more harajuku related news...

stalk on models...
they've got this page (LINK: ) that collects all the latest photos from models' blogs/instagram!
And if you're interested to know more about the photo, just click on it and they will link you to the source!

You can spend hours just navigate on this page.
jumping from photo to photo!

Like all fashion website should have...
Asbs english has got their fashion snaps corner too!
I super love fashion snaps cause it gives me a view of the type of clothes i should bring when i go there.
Since Singapore is an eternal summer country, i don't really have experience in mixing and matching clothes for winter.
sadly, i always go japan during winters (cause of holidays)
but nevertheless, with the help of those fashionista on the website, i am always updated on what i should bring for my next trip.

so.. you might want to know why i'm always so lucky to coincidentally attend handshake events/opening launch etc?
cause i'm an avid stalker at the LATEST NEWS corner..
I keep a lookout of the events i can attend during the period when i'm in japan!

Also bookmark interesting places and items that i HAVE to visit when i go there next time.
(the name itself is cute enough)
not to mention, the model ambassadors are YURA and AYUMI! *kyaaa*


you can find out more here :

dessert buffet, candyland, monki store, harajuku exclusive stores, sanrio and many many more..

definitely in my bucket list.

Also, found out after visiting is

any lucky ones happen to be in japan during this period?

it's admission free.
but you will need to register beforehand.

you'll get to see kyary, silent siren, tempura kidz, UNA and many more!
not forgetting all the kawaii harajuku models!

and if you're going, please help me to take more photos!!
I've never been to Harajuku Kawaii fes!
always missed it! T_T
currently my homepage

Remember to bookmark it!
Maybe one day we will meet each other in japan attending one of the launch events



  1. Yeahh me too I like to take a look at this website, even now we can read cause it's in English! :D
    I'm happy for you that you are going to Japan! I miss a lot this country I hop to go there soon as I can!

    1. yes! it's so convenient now that we have an english website that feeds us with all the news from harajuku!

      I've been saving money for japan since i was 14..
      i'll go there during holiday every time i reached a certain amount.
      (except for the past few guilty trips)

  2. Wow so cool!! I am definitely going to bookmark the website haha! I love harajuku fashion xD!

    1. i'm glad you love it!!

      they inspired me so much!

  3. i just visited cute cube today! i really had to hold back at candYland :)) but sadly i have to leave tokyo before harajuku kawaii :(

    1. omg!!

      i'm so going to stalk your blog for the cute cube post!
      *even though i don't understand your language >.<

    2. I do write english lines as well :P but we only walked in there for a few minutes so there arent that many pictures :))

  4. I really love Harajuku Kawaii its really....cute XD. I'm a big fan of their youtube channel and the models.
    I hope to go to Harajuku some day ^^

  5. Thanks so much for this! I really really want to go *crossing fingers! I'll let you know if I can make it during that time period <3 I'd really love to meet you also


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