Tuesday, September 17, 2013

[Tutorial] My current fake lower eyelashes

Hello everyone!

Today i'm finally going to blog about the much requested lower eyelashes tutorial!!

I know a lot of you requested on instagram and my blog!
Sorry for dragging it so long..

but here is it~~~~

I find this combination great for girls who don't have lower eyelashes...

but long for those natural looking mascara coated long lashes~

yes, me...

I always envy ayumi's long lower eyelashes..

but sadly, i know i'll never have them...
even with lower eyelashes extension, cause my lower eyelashes are non-existent

i've decided to create my own long looking fake eyelashes like ayumi's!
 *hers are real*

After many tries, i found the best combination!!

So, as requested...
i'm sharing my favourite combination with you all!

hehehe is it realistic looking enough?

I like them really long as it helps to enlarge the eyes further!

but if you want to look natural, just one coat of mascara will do!

This is also a great way to "re-use" your dirty lower fake eyelashes as the coat of mascara will cover up everything!

PS: please use good mascaras as you'll probably be re-using this pair quite often and you definitely wont' want your lashes to smudge every single time you use them..

PSPS: I'm using dollywink volume and long mascara (new formula)



I'll be having a mini workshop with SASA x dollywink x clearlash this saturday!

I'll be demonstrating how to do a natural looking and dolly looking makeup look!

Do come down to SASA bugis junction to support me!

2pm to 4pm!

ALSO, if you RSVP-ed to shibuya gals event page, you will get a free goodies bag!
it consists of limited edition items and also DOLLYWINK retail size items as well!!


RSVP here:

Just click JOIN!

You're all the more welcome to ask me question there!
and i know there's a lot of you who have problems with lower lashes!
I can teach you personally how to apply them on after demonstration!

see you there!




  1. this is awesome! thanks so much <3 I will try this soon!!!

    1. welcome! =D looking forward to more of your cute photos!

  2. wow pretty awesome idea! ^_^ love love love your make up and hair!


  3. You is soooo cute !!!!! <3333 ;3

  4. love this lashes on you. and yup, it looks very natural :)! really nice!

  5. Omg cuteness overload! I love the make-up:D I personally stopped using mascara on the lower lashes because I heard it makes you look older lol thinking about buying brown mascara,ever tried it?:)

    1. thank you!!

      omg really?
      i didn't know. i just find that my eyes widen with lower lashes!

      but definitely look more like a child without thick lashes. >.<

      i've got brown mascara but since i've got no lower lashes.. i couldn't see a difference!

      but i tried dollywink's brown lower lashes.. and they are sooo pretty!

  6. wow, so natural. You're so pretty >.<

  7. so natural and long!! Pretty much hehe I'll try this technique hope it's work we'll on me haha

  8. So cute, Kelly ^^* ~
    Makes me want to start applying mascara on my lower lashes again. I got this feeling that it makes me look weird, but now very tempted to go back to it again n.n
    By the way, this hair colour compliments you the best! Of all the colours you've tried, this one makes you prettiest! (^o^)V


  9. Thank you for the awesome tutorial! You are soo adorable <3

  10. Thanks for this tutorial~ I've never been able to get larger lower lashes!
    You're too cute btw(♥ω♥)


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