Thursday, October 31, 2013

[Tutorial] Upper fake eyelashes

Hello everyone!
In accordance of this month LASH theme, i'll be doing a series of fake eyelashes tutorial.

Now let's start with the basic..

Applying upper lashes!

I made a tutorial years ago and i'm really glad it helped some of you! hehe
But i'm making a new one which is neater and hopefully easier to understand...

I hope you'll learn something new from here as well, especially my personal method of wearing lashes!
It will definitely prevent the nasty downward pointing lashes that are not only ugly but makes your eyes look smaller! O.O

it's my personal pet peeves seeing downward pointing falsies!

This is not a good example of downward pointing falsies but it's good enough to annoy me to delete all the other photos taken on that droopy day. hahaha

As you can see the falsies not only fail to enlarge my eyes, it makes my eyes look lazier (half open) and smaller! urggghhh!

 So let's start!

How to apply falsies?

My personal method:

 1. Curl and apply mascara on your natural eyelashes
2. Apply the falsies as close as possible to your natural lash line
(coating your eyelashes with mascara makes it neater and easier to gauge the placement!)
3. Apply it from the middle , adjusts the ends and finally the front.
4. Push the falsies slightly upwards while the glue is drying.

Easy method for everyone:

Hold the mirror 45degrees below your face.
Open your eyes and stare downwards.

Using my camera as a mirror , holding it 45degrees so that you guys can see the difference!

Same as above but this method is definitely easier!

It enables to you place the falsies as close as possible to your lash line!
It helps you see your lashes more clearly therefore avoiding pasting on the lashes ! *ouch*

[edited : Using dollywink No. 11]


This is definitely my preferred way of applying lashes.
Can you all see that with this method the falsies follow the natural shape of the eyes nicely?

sit perfectly on top of your own lashes =D

Next, something i couldn't emphasize more!!
cause there's soooo many students asking me why their lashes always point downwards..
and most of the times, it's always because of this reason!!

Using the same falsies application method, the glue placement can make a big difference in how your falsies will look in the end.

Definitely top or middle for me!!

please please don't apply glue on the bottom, it will definitely cover your eyes and make them smaller!

[edited: Using diamond lashes LADY]

Just to add on, different falsies look can be created with glue application!
*great for those who has tight budget for falsies*

Please note that this is only applicable for falsies with soft and light stalks!
Normally, dollywink otona series work fine for this method!


From most of the gyaru magazines i've read, the gyarus in japan hardly trim their lashes as they love the dolly eyes effect the untrimmed lashes gave them.

However, cutting them to fit the size of your eyes are important.
Especially when the falsies are too long and the ends are poking your eyelid! 
So if you prefer natural looking falsies or when the falsies are poking your eyes, cut them!
*sparingly though*

[edited: using Mellish eyelash CATS]
*my personal recommendation*

Last topic, specifically for SINGLE EYELID LADIES!!
*yes my dear single eyelid readers, i heard your requests!!*
Taken from :

Personally, i know this works!
even though i don't have single eyelid..

cause many of my friends managed to get temporary double eyelid by using the same method!

they said that by pasting falsies, it pushes their eyelid up and creates double eyelid!
just like double eyelid tape!

look so beautiful and easy right?

if you're lucky, you might achieve it on first try!
but don't give up even if it didn't work...
cause this blogger tried many times before finding the suitable height to paste the lashes!


Take from :

Gollylocks told me that dollywink no.17 did a marvelous job supporting and creating a higher crease for her!

**if it works for you, please share! i'm curious to know more! haha*

That's all for my upper fake eyelashes tutorial part 2!!

Do comment below if you have any questions!

PS: How to remove and store eyelashes will be up tomorrow.
and lower fake eyelashes tutorial will be up the day after!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Exciting Announcement : Lash Month

Hello everyone!!
I've got something exciting to announce!!


It will be the month when all my blog posts will be on FAKE EYELASHES!!
With the support of my kind sponsors, i will be doing reviews of fake eyelashes readily available in SINGAPORE!!
 I hope to be able to spread the love of Japan makeup style to all of you!!
 and show you girls how pretty the lashes are!

not only that, to add in the fun and excitement...

there will be ONE GIVEAWAY per REVIEW post!!


you will stand a chance to win a set of falsies that i've reviewed on!
Not only will you be able to see how the falsies look on my eyes, you can win a chance to see how it will look on your eyes!!

there's 20++ giveaways.. which means there will be 20++ lucky winners!!
 you might be the lucky one!

are you excited??

I'm excited too!

 I'm really thankful to my kind sponsors who readily agreed to support this LASH MONTH!

Special thanks to :

List of giveaways :
- to be filled up when the reviews are up =D -



Thursday, October 24, 2013

[Japan] Shibuya 109

hello everyone!!

Today's post will be the mandatory shibuya 109 POST

*didn't take a lot of high quality photos.. because photography is not allowed in 109(?)*

Really love this season's L.D.S!!

they are sooo freaking cute!!

 i can be a unicorn.

my second favourite shop is...

but being as rationale as i should be, i didn't buy a lot from dazzlin..
i've gotten a few pieces from dazzlin before...
and i've never regretted them.. hahaha
they are definitely my repeat-and-wear-if-you-are-lazy-to-dress-up-but-still-want-to-look-presentable list of clothing. hahaha

cause everything is sooo cute!

OH OH. not to mention, dazzlin staffs are soooooo cute too!
makes me wanna buy everything they wore!

titty & co!
wanted to buy that checkered dress
but it's too big >.<
i wonder why they produce such big dresses when majority of the japanese are so slim and small frame? >.<

my used to be favourites.


and up of the top floor, they've got the voting board for their staffs..

seriously, their shop staffs all look like models.

sooo pretty..
i think it's innate talent for japanese to pose like a model..

After shopping, we went to dine at the gourmet town nearby.

super love the potato...

love their creamy crab croquette

see you next time!!

For most of you who have been following my facebook, you should know that i'm busy preparing one whole month full of giveaways!!

need to edit and schedule posts now!

Hope you'll join the giveaway..

everyday , new giveaway!


Sunday, October 20, 2013

JWORLD : For all the JUMP fans

Hello everyone!!
Today I'm going to blog about JWORLD!

JWORLD is a paradise for all JUMP FANS!!
(not hey say jump...)

My sis and i are HUGE fan of gintama so we decided to visit JWORLD on our free day!

It's located at SUNSHINE CITY PLAZA at ikebukuro.

Over there you will see all your favourite JUMP characters...

but sadly to say, it's not a theme park.
more like a photo studio? hahhaha

If you're on a short trip to tokyo, i will not recommend this place (if you're looking for a lot of fun filled activities)

soo.. when we entered, we are greeted by DRAGON BALL's GOKU!
of course a mandatory goku pose. hahaha

as we are biased, we headed off to the GINTAMA section first.



Elizabeth kelly hehe

Visited the MADAO dog house

and when u open the door....
Madao desu.

Justaway pearly hehe

Justaway Lucky draw..
will win big prizes if you can the lucky stick!

At their red carpet

Lol, would you want the trophy if it's a naked gorilla?

they also have gintama purikura!!

that's all for gintama..
i wish they have got more though...

there's still a lot more photos!!


oh my prince of tennis.
i used to a big fan of prince of tennis...
my favourite character is FUJI...

me in the LUFFY figurine box!

relaxing near the one piece beach


beach stores

at naruto town with ninja-san!

me and my jutsu!
 or maybe hers is stronger?

yes, another anime i used to like.. (before they start filling it with fillers...)

Ao no Exorcist

punishment for being bias towards GINTAMA and didn't take a lot of photos for other animes hahaha

JJ Kitchen

they've got a lot of cute food there!!

From dragonball:

From One piece:

From naruto :

From Aoi no Exorcist:


i seriously wonder how the mayo tako don will taste like? wouldn't it be too mayooo?

and many more..

they actually have got more desserts served than you see on the menu..

okita's eye mask cake!

after being spoilt by choices, we decided to go for...


elizabeth pudding

and they both look better than they taste


but... they are so cute, so it's OKAY la~ hehehehe

and their toilet is quite cool too!

female and male


more photos:

if you're interested in going to J-WORLD,
you can find more information here


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