Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Japan day1

Hello everyone!!

Yes again! im starting new series of japan trip!!

We went to Odaiba on our first day!

Actually its day 2 cause I arrived the night before. Hehhe


cause I wanna sweep the discounted outlet stores clothes before going to 109. 

And I'm super super happy with my purchase!

Bought a gyda winter coat for this winter Japan trip again!

with that price, I can only buy a top Or a pair of shoes in shibuya. 

Remember last time we didn't manage to dine at the ramen matsuri place?

we did this time round!!

and Its soooo oishiiiiii.....

*so happy that i'm going to melt~!*

With many popular ramen chains in one place!
u will get to enjoy ramen from all over Japan!!

They have a outdoor balcony dining area, which is so pretty!
cause you'll get to see the beautiful bayside view of tokyo!

and here comes the food photos!

 my ramen with sooo many toppings!
it's super thick tonkutsu ramen!

see my char siu
Perfect proportion of fats and meat...
Just melts in your mouth with pure bliss...

non fatty piece of meat.. 
tangy but super nice too!
because they marinated their meat before putting them in, every mouth is just full of flavor!

 my sis ordered tsukemen with mentaiko rice

 tappuri no mentaiko! >.<
 who can resist the egg in the bowl.. waiting for you to mix it with the noodle to give the noodle and meat extra smoothness and taste...

also ordered their hitokuchi gyoza...

smaller than normal gyoza~
perfect for demure girls like me *ahem ahem*

the meal was sooo delightful!
full of yummilicious food!
i'll definitely go back to ramen matsuri again!

after filling our stomach , we went on shopping...

until it's around 4-5pm...

and the sky has already turned sooo dark!

 but the scene outside was so pretty!

 mandatory touristy photo with japan's statue of liberty!

Odaiba might be a little quiet (even on weekends) but it's a super nice place to shop,relax,eat and tour!

Definitely one of my recommended places to go to in Tokyo! 


Will continue Japan series~!




  1. i'm planning on going to Japan mid next year! This makes me feel excited ^_^

    1. COOL!! have lotsa fun!!

      feell free to ask me question regarding japan if you need!

  2. Oh I love Japan! >> You are everytime so cute (> v <)/

  3. Beautiful photos *.* ; )

    1. thank you!! =D i'm a good photographer! muahahaha

  4. hi! Nice to meet you! Im Vicky ,am Japanese! I saw you on tv show today! Thank you for loving Japan, Japanese fashion^^ i am glad to know you.
    Have you enjoyed staying Japan so far?? hope you are.
    you are so cutie and look like Japanese really!!! so true~~^^ Have a good day in Japan!

    1. hi Vicky, thank you for your message!!
      i'm so sad i didn't get to watch the tv show as i've already returned to singapore... furthermore, the producer said it's against copyright laws to send a copy over... >.<

      but i'm glad you found me after watching the show!

      thank you so much!! you made my day!!


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