Thursday, October 31, 2013

[Tutorial] Upper fake eyelashes

Hello everyone!
In accordance of this month LASH theme, i'll be doing a series of fake eyelashes tutorial.

Now let's start with the basic..

Applying upper lashes!

I made a tutorial years ago and i'm really glad it helped some of you! hehe
But i'm making a new one which is neater and hopefully easier to understand...

I hope you'll learn something new from here as well, especially my personal method of wearing lashes!
It will definitely prevent the nasty downward pointing lashes that are not only ugly but makes your eyes look smaller! O.O

it's my personal pet peeves seeing downward pointing falsies!

This is not a good example of downward pointing falsies but it's good enough to annoy me to delete all the other photos taken on that droopy day. hahaha

As you can see the falsies not only fail to enlarge my eyes, it makes my eyes look lazier (half open) and smaller! urggghhh!

 So let's start!

How to apply falsies?

My personal method:

 1. Curl and apply mascara on your natural eyelashes
2. Apply the falsies as close as possible to your natural lash line
(coating your eyelashes with mascara makes it neater and easier to gauge the placement!)
3. Apply it from the middle , adjusts the ends and finally the front.
4. Push the falsies slightly upwards while the glue is drying.

Easy method for everyone:

Hold the mirror 45degrees below your face.
Open your eyes and stare downwards.

Using my camera as a mirror , holding it 45degrees so that you guys can see the difference!

Same as above but this method is definitely easier!

It enables to you place the falsies as close as possible to your lash line!
It helps you see your lashes more clearly therefore avoiding pasting on the lashes ! *ouch*

[edited : Using dollywink No. 11]


This is definitely my preferred way of applying lashes.
Can you all see that with this method the falsies follow the natural shape of the eyes nicely?

sit perfectly on top of your own lashes =D

Next, something i couldn't emphasize more!!
cause there's soooo many students asking me why their lashes always point downwards..
and most of the times, it's always because of this reason!!

Using the same falsies application method, the glue placement can make a big difference in how your falsies will look in the end.

Definitely top or middle for me!!

please please don't apply glue on the bottom, it will definitely cover your eyes and make them smaller!

[edited: Using diamond lashes LADY]

Just to add on, different falsies look can be created with glue application!
*great for those who has tight budget for falsies*

Please note that this is only applicable for falsies with soft and light stalks!
Normally, dollywink otona series work fine for this method!


From most of the gyaru magazines i've read, the gyarus in japan hardly trim their lashes as they love the dolly eyes effect the untrimmed lashes gave them.

However, cutting them to fit the size of your eyes are important.
Especially when the falsies are too long and the ends are poking your eyelid! 
So if you prefer natural looking falsies or when the falsies are poking your eyes, cut them!
*sparingly though*

[edited: using Mellish eyelash CATS]
*my personal recommendation*

Last topic, specifically for SINGLE EYELID LADIES!!
*yes my dear single eyelid readers, i heard your requests!!*
Taken from :

Personally, i know this works!
even though i don't have single eyelid..

cause many of my friends managed to get temporary double eyelid by using the same method!

they said that by pasting falsies, it pushes their eyelid up and creates double eyelid!
just like double eyelid tape!

look so beautiful and easy right?

if you're lucky, you might achieve it on first try!
but don't give up even if it didn't work...
cause this blogger tried many times before finding the suitable height to paste the lashes!


Take from :

Gollylocks told me that dollywink no.17 did a marvelous job supporting and creating a higher crease for her!

**if it works for you, please share! i'm curious to know more! haha*

That's all for my upper fake eyelashes tutorial part 2!!

Do comment below if you have any questions!

PS: How to remove and store eyelashes will be up tomorrow.
and lower fake eyelashes tutorial will be up the day after!


  1. i attempted false lashes by myself for the first time in my life yesterday!!
    i kept remembering apply glue on the top apply glue on the top because i remembered it from your previous tutorial..
    and it worked, stayed put the entire night!
    not used to seeing myself with it but it was fun.
    going to try again!

    thank you for all your lashes posts~~

    1. i saw!!!

      looks nice on you!!

      you can try the amo series one and be a singapore amo girl! heehee

  2. wow! thank you for the tips~

  3. I was wondering if you can glue the lashes further out than your natural lash line to make your eyes look longer, or would it look bad?

    1. Yes that's normally what I do!
      However, it extends too much (8mm and above) for me, it will droop down no matter what glue method I used.

      Experiment and see which length works the best for you!

  4. Thanks for the useful and great tutorial Kelly!
    The glue application at the top part of the lashes really made my falsies look good!
    Plus i'm amazed by the different glue application at the different parts of the false lashes, i'll try it soon... :)
    Anyway i have double eyelids but they are not as obvious as yours, if i apply the 2nd false lashes slightly above the lash line, will that increase the "height" of my double eyelid?

    1. Im glad its useful!

      Yes they matter a lot!
      try it and you will see the difference!

      I'm not too sure. The author of the first Japanese blog Actually has got single and one small inner double. She managed to get both But she said Its harder for the small inner double and she would need to adjust higher.

      Try! It might be harder if you have deep creaaes!

  5. I never realised that where to glue is applied made such a difference. Thanks for the tutorial! ^__^

  6. thank you for the tips ^^

  7. I'm like the first Japanese blogger, with a single and a small inner eyelid. I don't understand though, and I'm a little confused ><

    1. hi there!

      for the first japanese blogger, she uses two layers of falsies. first layer is close to her lash line and the second layer is paste a little above it.

  8. I will definitely not recommend false eyelashes, try to grow your natural lashes rather than wearing false lashes and if you are lacking behind in longer lashes then try to use careprost serum to grow longer lashes.

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