Friday, November 15, 2013

New Hair Colour

 Hello everyone!!

Recently i dyed my hair lighter!

Actually i wasn't allowed to cause my ends are still very damaged...
but i want a change..


so jerry suggested on bleaching strands and lighten the overall to achieve the light coloured hair i want.

 Messy hair before doing anything

 keith is there to make his hair too..


 hehehe he's colouring his hair to the same colour i'll be having..

 highlights done...

 now overall..
scalp itchy!!

this treatment is a miracle..
managed to make my hair sooo smooth and tangle free!

overall is ashy tone!

 if you realised, the base colour is not very light but the highlights are placed strategically to make the overall look brighter!

 tangle free hair~

I'm loving it!

oh man.. i really love ash colours >.<

if only my hair is strong and healthy, i would dye ash every single time!

but Jerry is there to make them healthier now

if you want to  colour your hair, i would really suggest

look for JERRY..

i've been entrusting my unhealthy hair to him for the longest time (i used to salon hop all the time) and he makes them so smooth and healthy looking after every session!

 Quote "KellyKonomi" to get 15% discount off all hair services (excluding promotions).
Headlines Hairdressing
Address:       18 Cross Street #01-15, China Square Central
Contact:         6221 6866 
Look for Jerry Chua!!
(off on tuesdays)

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  1. I know what you mean! Ash is so hard to acheive and maintain! it fried my long hair and i ended up having to cut it short bec it was too dry and damaged :(((

    I love your new haircolor. Light or even the black hair color suits you <3 you pull it off super well <3


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