Friday, November 15, 2013

[Review] Blackbox

Hello everyone!!

Today I will be reviewing on the OCTOCBER Black Box that I’ve received from!

But first, I would like to introduce to you all to this awesome website!
(awesome for people who love receiving well raved items for free!!)

Black Box is the first free unisex lifestyle sampling box in Singapore!
Every bi-monthly, Black Box will bring to you a parcel (Black Box) with free items inside!! ABSOLUTELY FREE!! *HURRRAAAY*

All you have to do is subscribe on and it’s absolutely FREE!
FB for updates and exciting Giveaway Friday: has recently revamped their website. With newly enhanced features, user can have more control over their Black Box subscription by logging in through their website using your user ID and password! It’s so user friendly!

If you are currently a Black Box subscriber,
you will have received your user ID & Password in your email.

Exciting Black Box features:

Black Box Subscription/Eligibility Status (real-time)
New Balloting system for redemption of Free Black Boxes.
Update your subscription details
Purchase Exclusive Black Boxes
Secure your Free Black Boxes by paying for your own courier fee

Black box is absolutely free……
All you have to do is subscribe on and they will send you an email notification whenever balloting is open..

Just pop over to to ballot for your upcoming Black Box!

*as of 11th December!*

So hurry hurry and go to  to register for Black Box and it’s absolutely FREE!!

However, if you’re really keen on getting your Black Box…
You can secure your blackbox by paying your own courier fee of $6!

I know what most of you will be thinking…
Since I can get them for free, why should I pay $6??

Well.. cause what they will be sending you is definitely worth $6! Hahaha

I’ll show you!

My OCTOBER Black Box
Inside the box!

Not only do they provide you with products, they send you vouchers too!
Great deals for you to redeem!
“Pamper yourself at $12~”

Lovemore Collagen Eye Firming Patch
This eye mask not only moisturize and hydrate your skin, it contours and firms the skin too!
The ear hook allows me to move around even with the mask on!

Zappy Insect Repellent Wipes
Zappy boy Alcohol Wipes
Zappy boy Antiseptic Wipes
Zappy After sports Wipes
Zappy Sun System Suncreen Wipes

I used the Zappy After Sports Wipe today after gyming and my skin no longer feel sweaty sticky..
It smells mild but enough to make me feel fresh and smell fresh! Hehehe

GlucosCare Tea!
This is specially formulated using all natural plants (so it’s healthy). It helps the health conscious to lower their sugar intake level! Blended with premium Green Tea to achieve a synergistic effect in reducing sugar intake into our body, weight control and provide other health benefits!
Tastes like green tea (normal ones, not the pokka sweetened ones >.<)
Although it’s obvious that I won’t be seeing any difference in weight with just one packet of GlucosCare Tea, it does give me an assuring feeling while eating sinful food! Hahaha
That’s enough for the sweet tooth me! Hehe

Nuxe Brightening Program BB cream with SPF 30
Sadly, this bb cream is too dark for my complexion which means it’s great for people who find normal BB cream too fair for them!
I would say that it’s really moisturizing with mild coverage.

VDL CC cream.
I’m really glad that they provide sample size foundation cause it allows me to try before purchasing!
Super important cause some foundations will turn grey or oily after a few hours!
You definitely need to try them for a day before deciding whether to purchase them.

And… after trying VDL, I’m really tempted to buy them!
It’s pinkish tone, light and brightening! Neither too dry nor oily for my skin!

Doesn’t turn grey after the whole day too!

They also provide BIFESTA!! YEAHHH~
I don’t think I need to elaborate more on my love for bifesta products!
You can read them here!!

this is super convenient for travel~!

Also a 50g Darlie toothpaste!
I love darlie toothpaste cause all of them smell soooo minty and fresh!
Really keeps me awake after brushing my teeth!

Yes, all these for FREE (if you ballot vigorously! >.<) or pay $6 courier fee which is definitely worth it!
PS : also encourage their subscribers to try out the samples immediately and give us their feedback. Therefore,Black Box also gives subscribers a chance to win full sized items if they complete a survey on the samples that they received in their very own Black Box and submit to Black Box via a simple online link within a limited period of time.

I’ll definitely sign up for Black Box!
Don’t miss all the great deals you can get for free!
Simply subscribe at  and and key in “Kellykonomi BB” in the referrer code column and stand a chance to receive your very own FREE Black Box!
Also, “like” Black Box on Facebook because they have exciting Giveaway Fridays and the latest promotions on their Facebook page!

Fun fact:
Black Box has sent out more than 13,500 FREE Black Boxes right to the doorsteps of their subscribers to surprise and entice them with an all-rounded sampling experience & useful vouchers with lifestyle deals and discounts since they first launched their 1st edition in February 2013!
They have conducted more than 26 rounds weekly giveaways via Giveaway Friday on their Facebook Fan Page! []

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