Wednesday, November 13, 2013

[Review] Brigitte Eyelash : No.12 Noble

This week i'll start reviewing new brands!
(still got some lashes from dollywink yet reviewed yet >.<)

Today's lashes will be BRIGITTE EYELASH NO.12!

You know i had a really hard time deciding which lashes to review for brigitte!


Yes, if you were me, which one will you choose?
it's so hard to make a decision right?

In the end, i chose NO.12!

cause its design is so special.
honestly, i haven't seen a falsies design similiar to that.

so naturally i chose no.12!

 Middle stalks are thicker and the ends are so fine and pretty!

without flash!

 Natural looking yet adding volume and length to your natural lashes.

 Do you know they've got 80% dark brown strands?

 That's well it managed to look so gentle even though the design stood out so much.

The verdict:
Comfort : ★★★★
The spine is a little stiffer and thicker but still comfortable throughout the day.
The length of the falsies is shorter than normal ones as they are the romantic looking yet natural falsies.

Design : ★★★
LOVE IT!  They are so natural with those dark brown strands!
With the uniquely "gapped" designs, they add more volume and definitions to areas you lacked of lashes so naturally and beautifully! Making your eyes look rounder and more doe eyed at the same time!
However, personally i would prefer the lashes to be a little longer so it can enlarge my eyes further! hahah *greedy*
Nevertheless, it's a pretty pair of natural looking lashes!!
You've got to buy this falsies if you want natural and lovely looking eyes!

Price : ★★★☆☆
SGD$22.90 for two pairs of falsies!
A little pricey but the lashes are really durable!
Wore them 3 times already and they still look like new!
However, package does not include glue...
It's a little sad for small tube glue collector like me..

Suitable for :
Everyday, Natural, Round eyes


Different lower lashes:

Love it!!


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  1. Hi there!
    That's nice you do a giveaway with Brigitte brand! Never try this brand and I always like it!
    This model is very cute and natural!
    Well I like the 2 facebook pages as Maeva Bow
    and I will comment the post on it!
    Thank you again!

  2. Ho and of course, sorry, I haven't noticed that I have share your facebook post ^^

  3. I wish we had Japanese lash brands available in the philippines.. i get mine from online stores but they price them so expensive :(((((


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