Thursday, November 14, 2013

[Review] Diamond Lash : Sexy Eyes

Today's lashes will be DIAMOND LASH SEXY EYE!


look how seductive these lashes are...
"come get meeee~~"

Transparent spine with thick and voluminous strands...
even without trying them on, you can tell it's going to make your eyes look very big...

and perhaps sexy? hehe

Diamond lash is definitely one of the brand out there that produce dramatic and super enlarging falsies!
Great for gyaru girls!

It's a little less thick on the front..
which looks like natural mascara coated long lashes!

seductive yea?

 some photos taken last week...
i guess the seductive part has to be the ends..
the way they perk upwards in a naughty yet attractive way..
seem to draw all the attention to the eyes!

 see how thick the lashes are.

The verdict:
Comfort : ★★★★
The spine is a soft and it's very comfortable putting them on the whole day.
It's very light too, just like wearing nothing at all.
However, maybe because it's too long, the lashes will tend to point a little downwards and might cover your vision.. sometimes you might see the lashes at the corner of your eyes.

Design : ★★★
Love that it's enlarges the eyes (at least twice the size haha)
Also loving the front part where the lashes look like mascara coated long natural lashes!
they are soooo beautiful..
however, since i'm loving natural lashes recently, the ends are a little dramatic to me..

Nevertheless, this is definitely the kind of lashes you would get if you want to make your eyes look bigger (alot bigger) ! hahaha
without it, i doubt my eyes will look so big in the photoshoot (AKA my header photo)

Price : ★★★
SGD$23.90 for FIVE pairs of falsies!
good price for good quality lashes from JAPAN!
Definitely a 5 star! haha

Suitable for :
Photoshoot, longer looking eyes

some selfies with sexy eyes:



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