Monday, November 4, 2013

[Review] Dollywink No. 10 Sweet Cat + Giveaway

Today i'm going to review Dollywink no.10 sweet cat!
This is definitely one of my favourites in their new otona series...

Again, as expected from dollywink...
fluffy thin lashes..

However Dollywink no.10 is darker than dollywink no.9 and no.11!

It has got black spine/stalk.

Nevertheless, looking really natural when you put them on..

As derived from its name, Dollywink No. 10 Sweet cat creates a cat eye makeup.
With the extra length at its ends, it creates a wing that points upwards!
Just like cat eye makeup!

Makes my lashes look really full the black lashes..

The verdict:

Comfort : ★★★★☆
Extremely light and soft! Doesn't feel heavy nor tired after wearing them the whole day.
I gave 4 stars because it's a little too long for me. Nevertheless, after trimming a little bit from the front this pair of lashes feel as though i'm wearing nothing at all!

Design : ★★★★★
Totally love this design! Enlarging and yet not too dramatic!
Plus with the criss cross design and the fluffy thin lashes, they look natural as well!
Love that dollywink lashes are not "plastic-y" where the shines in normal light! hahaha

Price : ★★★☆☆
SGD$24.90 for two pairs of falsies, on the pricey end.
However, they are durable.. i've used them many times and the only reason why i stopped using them is because i wanna try new lashes.
Even after plucking them off from the case/eyes, the strands of lashes still look in place.
I reckon you will be able to use them for at least 10 times per pair.

Suitable for :
Everyday, Mature, Chic look

but i still prefer the first combination... 
with dollywink 13...

what's your favourite combination?


Giveaway :

Repost this instagram photo

Good luck!



  1. wow they look nice! Though I think you meant derived... not deprived...right? Haha

  2. ahhh!
    thank you!! i've changed them~ hahahhaa

    1. haha, nevermind la we all make mistake ^^

  3. Hello there, How will I apply the giveaway contest?

    1. Just follow the instructions from rafflescopter!

  4. For me they are my favorite of this series too!! And I agree the dolly wink are awesome cause they are durable in the time!!
    Well, thank you for this giveaway I'm happy to participate on it! But why force people to follow all these instagram account if participants haven't any instagram account? Cause I can't enter the last 4 entry because of this, I don't want to make an account just for a contest, and I don't want any account on instagram :(
    Please think about it ^^

    1. Thank you! yes i love dollywink too!

      i would love to make the giveaway easier but every sponsors have specifically arranged the giveaway mechanics so it's hard for me to change too.
      however, there's many lashes from other brands that do not require any instagram account!
      Please join those!!

    2. I see! I understand if it's them asking that ^^
      Of course I will take a look at the other!

  5. What lenses are you wearing? They look gorgeous with that makeup! You're such a doll ^^

  6. These are adorable! I might consider getting them soon >w<
    Thank you for showing them with different lower lashes, it's very helpful

  7. Hi Kelly, may I know where did you get your lenses? ^^ It looks so pretty <3

  8. hi! i got them from an optician shop in thailand! it's a prescription lens only available in thailand though >.<


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