Tuesday, November 5, 2013

[Review] Dollywink No. 9 Natural Dolly + Giveaway

Hello everyone!

Today I'll be reviewing on Dollywink no. 9 Natural Dolly!

This is again from dollywink new otona series..

as compared to the first series of dollywink lashes, otona series are more natural and less dramatic..

Dollywink No.9 
Criss cross design with thin and fluffy lashes that looks so natural!
Comparing to Dollywink No. 10 (review), the lashes are thin and less black..

However, still long enough to create additional dolly points to your eyes!
Those fine lashes look like lash extension from your natural lashes.

My favourite would be to pair it with dollywink no.12!

cause they look like they are meant for each other!

The verdict:

Comfort : ★★★★☆
Like most dollywink lashes, they are extremely light and soft! Like wearing nothing at all!
Because it's so light, the curls stay perfect throughout and they won't block your vision!
Again, taking away one star as it's a little too long. needs trimming!

Design : ★★★★★
Yet another love from dollywink otona series.
Hardly would you see a falsies looking so thin, just like your natural lashes!
The criss cross designs and its transparent stalk blend in with your natural lashes..
making it natural and more natural.
Nevertheless, the additional length and volume it provides help you to achieve your dolly look eyes!

Price : ★★★☆☆
SGD$24.90 for two pairs of falsies, on the pricey end.
However, they are durable.. i've used them many times and the only reason why i stopped using them is because i wanna try new lashes.
Even after plucking them off from the case/eyes, the strands of lashes still look in place.
I reckon you will be able to use them for at least 10 times per pair.
*quoted from last dollywink review*

Suitable for :
Everyday, Natural

Paired with different lower lashes



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Good LUCK!



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  1. hey Kelly, are your giveaways open internationally? ^^ I'm from Indonesia

  2. What lenses are you wearing in this~ :O

  3. can we get the lens online? ive searched for it online but couldnt find a seller.. since i live in malaysia ;~; i have dolly wink no 9 too! but its too long for my eyes so i had to cut the ends. :(


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