Wednesday, November 6, 2013

[Review] Dollywink no.1 Dolly Sweet + Giveaway

Hello everyone!

Today's lash review will be...

Dollywink No.01
*ta da da daaaaaa*

I guess everyone has seen this dollywink no.01 before..
it's like the most impressionable dollywink lashes to me..
probably it's the iconic pink background and black polka dots. hahaha

Still remember when i first saw Dollywink lashes, i was awed by their thin and non reflective lashes..
and also the transparent stalk..

Comparison photo:

Right : My pathetic lashes 
Left : Lengthened and widened by dollywink no.1

 This is definitely the kind of lashes that you want people to tell the lash design.

 *hehehe this looks like di****nd l**h advert! hahaha*

 One thing i absolutely love about this pair is that..
it makes my smiling eyes look better!

The verdict:

Comfort : ★★★★
Even though this is the first batch of dollywink lashes, it is as comfortable as the otona series!! Like wearing nothing at all! This length is just right for me so i gave it a 5★!

Design : ★★★★
I guess it's quite common to see pointy lashes.. however, it's really rare to see one that is so light and somehow not looking too dramatic. This design does make my eyes look longer and wider!

Price : ★★★☆☆
SGD$24.90 for two pairs of falsies, on the pricey end.
However, they are durable.. i've used them many times and the only reason why i stopped using them is because i wanna try new lashes.
Even after plucking them off from the case/eyes, the strands of lashes still look in place.
I reckon you will be able to use them for at least 10 times per pair.
*quoted from last dollywink review*

Suitable for :
Party, Gyaru

with different lower lashes:

at Jrunway event with dollywink no.1



This time round, i've decided not to use rafflecopter due to some of the feedbacks you have given.
now i'll be manually counting your entries!
so don't worry about not being able to enter through rafflecopter!

Here's how for the giveaway!

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Bonus (+1 entry):
Comment below the photo with you instagram username if you followed DOLLYWINK_SG and KELLYKONOMI 

i hope this is easier!



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  1. :O they look very natural! is the giveaway international?

  2. Followed both on Instagram gracelwc

  3. Hi Kelly!! can you do a double eyelid tutorial ???

  4. nice giveaway^^
    facebook : Maria Kristilia
    thanks for posted about slim the leg and how to lost weight really help me (a lot) :D

  5. FB: kien mei
    thanks for the giveaway!

  6. Please do an eyelid glue tutorial and blog about the products you are using please! :D Love your lash posts this month!

  7. Joined again! :DD Hope I win! <3
    Thanks for the giveaway!

    FB: Marion Levi Uy
    Instagram: @forestdoll

  8. Really hope i can win!!!
    FB: Vanessa See
    Instagram: ilusuens

  9. Instagram : MeredithWee
    Hope to win! thanks for the give away!


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