Friday, November 8, 2013

The day I pinned up my fringe

I don't usually pin up my fringe...
because i always recall one of the beauty experts in taiwan saying "if you have low nose bridge, don't draw attention to it by putting your fringe up..."

Plus, i've been loving cutesy look for a long time so i'm really okay with having bangs all the time..

Yet recently, something struck me and made me try more mature styles..


my age.


I've got a few offers recently...

because they will all make a huge difference in my future..
i have to consider them carefully... (like duhhhh)

how it would affect me and the people around me...

how i wish there's a cheat code in life when you can see which choices are the best for you...

troubling things aside!!

I'm going JAPAN and KOREA soon!

Excited but not very excited too.. 
cause KOREA is going to be sooooo cold during my trip! 

All these photographs are taken by

I went to learn photography from him...
And.. it's really not easy..

but i really want to master it.. (well, maybe just the basics for now)

cause i want to shoot cute girls!

Hat - Bugis street ; Inner top - Emoda ; Outer - GU ; Shorts - Hongkong ; Leggings - Shibuya 109


  1. How did you do your hair? O.O IT LOOKS JAP MAGAZINE-WORTHY!

    1. I did Mixed curls with 25cm tongs.
      Then i scrunched the bottom so that there will be more volume!

  2. Your hair and face looks amazing without fringe! I wish my face would look as beautiful. ;_; My forehead is really huge and I'm just not satisfied with my eyebrows...

    Parisian Tiara Party

    1. I'm not satisfied with my eyebrows too! >.<

      the beautician said i've got unbalanced brows hahaha...
      and i'm lazy to trim them.. so it became the thick bush now. hahaha

  3. can you do post where you can tell how to look younger, pure and innocent because you look like it!!

    1. Hello! Did you ask the same question on >.<
      Sorry i haven't replied to that question, i was actually planning to do a tutorial! but i've got no time ! so sorry!

  4. love love love your outfit! and you suit both fringe and no fringe ^_^

  5. I think you suit your hair with your fringe pinned up better, actually! Looks like something straight out of a magazine !

    1. REALLY?? >.<
      I'll try to pin them up more often!
      it's good for my skin too since i'm acne prone on my forehead

  6. With or without bangs you are always looking so pretty !! Really :) Love the photos !

  7. The first shot is soso cute! You look gorgeous with your fringe pinned up hehe

    1. thank you! i love love love the first shot too!
      i'm going to put them as my new header hahaha

  8. fringe pinned up looks good on you. i like your face a lot, so i also think it's not bad to draw better attention on your eyes and nose, since it's so beautiful <3

    1. thank you!!

      but i love your eyes and nose better! they are soooo beautiful!
      not to mention your long legs >.<


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